The GNOME file manager should have a button "Open in terminal" + "Open as administrator"

This is a very important thing when working and setting up the system. Because I really despise using the command line because it takes a lot of time. Before this, my main system was Ubuntu. I was spending a lot of time moving files. And that's really bad.

This feature should be pre-installed with the system since there is a great need for it.

From this site it can be installed on Zorin OS 17.1 at the time of writing: How to easily open files with sudo privileges in the GNOME File Manager | TechRepublic

There is already the Option Open in Terminal built-in. Simply make a right-click on the right Side in Nautilus and choose the Option in the right-click Menu.

For Open as Administrator You can simply install a Package over the Terminal and then You have it. Simply type sudo apt install nautilus-admin and then You should find the Option in the right-click Menu.


Seems like it doesn't works for me, because i don't have any promts what could enable it. Anyways i have it now because i used method provided by the link i sent.

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It's the same solution as the one provided by @Ponce-De-Leon :thinking:


Oh im dumb, im not remembering commands after i set it up)

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