The history of the mouse cursor

I've gone back to a white. Like the one I've been used to in 30 years of Windows. It's in Tweaks. This got me interested in the history of the cursor and I found this.


I've used Real World Cursor Editor myself (Software for icons, cursors, pictures and photos), making larger cursors for students with low vision at the school where our service was based. Ironically some of my favourite Linux cursors are available in this application for download, like those used in Ultimate Edition:

But my first experience of editing a mouse cursor was with my Amiga 1500 built-in cursor editor. What was missing from the YouTube video above was mention of the 'hot pixel' - this is why it made sense to have an arrow as the tip is where you would place the 'hot pixel' - this in effect meant that where the 'hot pixel' was above the item you wished to select with the left mouse button was critical in its position:

Instead of GUI, Amiga Workbench referred to it as WIMP (Windows, Icons, Mouse, Pointer)!

Zorin should probably have a stock white cursor since that's what Windows has always had. The one in Tweaks is fine, tho I'm not really fond of the shadow.

Funny how the basic shape has never changed. It there people on other planets, their bicycles, mouse cursors and spatulas probably look like ours.

BTW, for those who don't know, you can change the size in Settings/Accessibility. I use the black at medium and the white at small.

But for TV streaming, I think a large, round cursor like Amazon Silk's is best. On my ONN Android boxes, I use the JioPages web browser because it is the only one with a cursor like Silk's.

I hate it when you can't:

  1. Remove shadow from the pointer (should never be present for people with low vision as it distorts what they are looking at).
  2. Icon Text with shadow - should be clean and simple. Again another issue for low vision users.

Interesting youTube on this very topic:

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