The layout and functionality of the onscreen keyboard

I have installed Zorin 16 onto a former windows tablet computer (lenovo Miix 11). Everything is working perfectly. However, this is a tablet and most of the time it will not have a keyboard attached. The layout of the keyboard does not have the typical keys like (upArrow,downArrow,leftArrow ) these are essential to editing and using the terminal window. I tried to set the keyboard to the US english layout (in the personalize settings you can show the keyboard you want and it has all the needed keys on it) but it still does not show up correctly when it is needed. how can I set this up properly?

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I change the thread category from Feedback to General help since you are seeking for help.

I do not own any tablet myself but I hope other forum volunteers could solve your issue.

Thanks; I hope others have this issue and have come up with a solution.

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On my cell phone, I use AnySoftKeyboard in order to have the Terminal work properly. I wondered if there is a similar app for Linux. I did not find one for anysoft, but did find mention of Florence:

You could install Matchbox virtual keyboard.
sudo apt-get install matchbox-keyboard

It is developed for Raspberry Pi.
But it should also work in Zorin as well.

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