The love of money

One of the reasons why my country is such a mess right now, is because we have folks from the older generation, who are the believe everything they hear types. They don't bother using the internet to fact check anything. They just blindly follow like sheep following the leader.

Smart folks like us are the ones who are bringing out the truth to everybody, how they are being lied to, both by corporations, and their governments alike. Anybody who follows the all mighty dollar, they are never on your side. I was just watching a show called Origins.

And one of the episodes of that show, talks all about how we became more modern, when we invented money. The point in which we went from trading goods, to exchanging coins instead. But just as with everything, there are two sides, good and bad.

The good, money modernizes us, helps expand our horizons and technology. The bad, money corrupts, and its how things like slavery was born. The art of true evil, can be traced back to GREED. Our incessant need to acquire more wealth, no matter the cost.

And now we have crypto currencies, because shady folks have to make more, cause they never have enough, and thus the vicious cycle continues. Because money, is at the heart of all evil, especially when it comes to topics of privacy, and how we have none, cause Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon want to data mine you.

Why? Cause its all for one thing................ MONEY!


It's one of the most misquoted sayings from the Bible:
"For the LOVE of money is the root of all evil" not money per se!

While this is quite true... I often really wonder what the difference is.
The only reason there is money is because of the love of it.

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Because the difference is what lies in a person's heart - if all they care about (love) is money, they won't give a **** about anything else. :wink:

When it comes to money, is it not the love of it that drives people?
Take any person, no matter their wealth, will they not always want more? Poor or rich, they will always want more.

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Not me buddy!

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Since I became a part of the poor crowd statistic, you really don't know what life is like until you become a part of that income bracket. You watch as your home falls apart, and there is not a dang thing you can do about it, because you don't have the money to fix it yourself, much less pay somebody else to fix it.

So from a poor persons perspective, we don't want a lot of money simply because we love money. We want money, so we can have a better life! You know what I'd like right now? A new home, that would be nice.

I'd like a home, where I didn't have a sagging roof, that I have to support with a 4 by 4 and pieces of plywood on the inside so my roof didn't collapse. I'd like a home where the roof wasn't leaking. I'd like a home where my floors weren't rotted out. I'd like a home where my double pain windows actually had a seal and held back the cold, and were not fogged up.

I'd like a home that had no plumbing issues, no leaky pipes, where I didn't have to turn the water on and off all the time, so as to prevent high water bills from a leaking pipe I can't get to. I'd like a hot water tank that when on, didn't start smoking its wiring of blue smoke, forcing me to keep the breaker off, or have a house fire.

Taking showers involve heating up hot water on the stove, using buckets. It be nice to have a real shower again someday. Cause I know, if I turn that hot water tank breaker on, I could have a normal hot shower, but I may have a house fire, cause by the time I am done with my shower, the room has a hue of blue smoke in it, and ozone smell.

All the luxuries that normal people with normal homes have, what it would be nice to have a normal home, that is not falling apart. How about a home, where each room is on its own circuit, instead of sharing one circuit of outlets on an entire side of the house, with a single breaker, that be nice.

You know what else would be nice? How about a working electric furnace? Yeah, the furnace stopped working a year ago, and it hasn't turned on since. So space heaters is the only way to heat the house, only have electric heat, no wood or gas stove.

I have a distant nephew who flaunted a picture of his new pay stub showing 125 dollar per hour. Imagine how that makes me feel as he flaunts it at me? I congratulated him, but at the same time, it be nice to have that, maybe I could afford a new home perhaps.

Though I am happy that my nephew doesn't have to know what this life is like, I pray he never has to. But at the end of the day, this is my reality, this is my life, its what I have to deal with. And what I have to constantly remind myself, especially after that flood we had awhile back, is that I still have a home.

There are poor folks who are completely homeless. And I have to remind myself that no matter how bad my life might be now. I still have a home, I have power, I have the internet. Poor folks who are also homeless, have none of that. So as much as I'd like to have a new home, at least I am not homeless.

But I felt the need to set the record straight, some of us don't want money simply because we love it. Some of us understand that money is the only way that your going to get through life. And obviously, if you want a new home, your going to need money. There is no such thing as a free ride.

And while I have heard that government has programs to help poor people get into a home, I guess they call it the projects, I've heard it takes years to get processed on a list to getting one of those.

It is what it is, I am just thankful that I am not homeless, but that doesn't cover up the fact, that I wish that I did have 400,000 grand lying around, so I could buy a new home. Just my 2-cents...


Being poor and needing more money does not mean that a person does not always want more should they get money.

Strange Linux Humor in the last few posts... maybe split it off to another topic to further your talk

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I hope I can respectfully suggest that there are many people and I know several of them who understand that money is only a tool to supply what we need. They have no desire to have more money or more things. They have learned that true joy and happiness does NOT come from having more. I am also one of those people. Do I enjoy what I have? Of course I do. Do I desire to have more? No I do not. I have seen lives destroyed because of the desire to have more and more. My family and my health are more important to me than things. Things break. Things wear out. Things have to be fixed. More things just bring more trouble.

I also know people that have very little and some of them are very happy. They don't have to worry about losing a bunch of money in the stock market. They don't have to worry about someone stealing their new car. They don't have to worry about paying off a large mortgage. They can just enjoy what they have without worrying about all the things rich folks have to worry about.

I have to respectfully disagree with some of what StarTreker said. Most of the older folks that I know and I am one of them do NOT believe everything we see or hear on TV. We learned long ago to recognize when something doesn't sound right. And we have been around long enough to see the same old mistakes being repeated again and again. Sure there are gullible older folks just like many of the younger ones that are too lazy to check things out for themselves so they believe whatever they hear. But most of the older folks that I know understand that just because some self-proclaimed expert tells us something does NOT make it true.

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I cannot agree with @Aravisian . In my family learning to be happy with things what you have. Run to journey a money is a road to a slave. Better things are more expensive. In my opinion some cheaper things are better from expensive. That is just blind circle where people believe that is better. Example Linux vs another operating systems. Linux or unix working on any old machine and hardware. Where more people go? M$ and apple - why? Because they believe that is amazing and better. One what I take observation for me is important a operating system simple without some rgb led lights all many function buttons. The channels youtubers advertisement where people believe this keyboard ducky duck example is very good. Next year that keyboard died. Everything comes from the same fabric with the same chip and software programming. Diffrent is only design and some components poor or good. Ok you can sayed to me about what quality. I can sayed only things working produced 20 years ago. Can sayed now this market is more poor product.


I don't think that the money is there to be loved. I see this intense greediness in our society as some sort of disease that take our physical and mental health away from us all at once. People seek money above everything, above a good time with family, friends and lots of other free stuff.

Even though it brings us this kind of behaviour, in our capitalist society (I'm speaking from Brazil, but it applies everywhere) having money is a NEED. People without money, unfortunately, are excluded from society and from having basic things, like food, healthcare, a roof to live and things like that. I understand that this people urge for money, but not in a way to have more money, but to have a better life, as @StarTreker said.

The "grind culture" and meritocracy theory are the ones that gives people the idea that they have to fight for money and achieve it at all costs. But this closes people's eyes to all the inequality and poverty around us.

All this debate is amazing and I'm surprised it appeared in a tech forum, but maybe some girls and boys may start looking around more carefully, seeing all the problems and fighting for a change, not only for money. Money is a consequence, it shouldn't be the target.


When people start using applications on mobile to communication without using mouth. Then you can wrote anything but never seeing the real feelings when you sayed that when you spoken in the same place or time. Application learning dieying our natural feelings to be like more selfish,egoist and robots don't see any catastrophy around us. My teacher when he learning us in class - he was weird why everyone using mobile but not only me. Because it comes everything from a house where you born. That how your parents teach you how to be in future.

I sometimes think that we would like to Believe that we are better than we are.
Like the, "Would you take a bullet for 'this loved-one?'" People commonly would say "yes."
But... Would they Really?
What would people really do?

People are generally self-absorbed and devoted to self-interest. We make excuses for ourselves when we do what we do not like. Or we dismiss these things.
We like to believe that we would handle something better than we actually do.

Everyone is an Above Average Driver.


Microsoft bought Blizzard 68 bilions $

Wasn't Blizzard the name of the company that was under major scrutiny recently for harassment? Yes, Blizzard Activision!

Yep, thats the company that was involved in the nasty business alright. This was reported on Linus Tech Tips WAN show. It basically let us all know, that in some cases, CEO's care so much about the money, they are willing to turn a blind eye to really horrible things.

The question you should be asking is, why is Microsoft buying out all these companies? What is their end goal here? They wanted to buy Discord too, so they could get all our data, but that deal fell through thankfully.

The acquisition of money, is at the heart of all evil. I don't trust a single thing Microsoft does, they are known to never be honest about anything, and to screw people over for money.

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