The package name “zorin-os-lite-core” is confusing

The package name zorin-os-lite-core is confusing. This could cause problems when accidentally installing or uninstalling packages. This issue is related to the criticism that the edition names Core and Lite are not practical.

Yes, the word core has two different uses in this case.
The Core System is the minimal basic install, (no frills) whereas Zorin OS Core is the Gnome version of Zorin OS. Which... then gets called Zorin-Core-Desktop.

The package zorin-os-lite-core refers to the Zorin OS XFCE "Lite" basic and minimal desktop.

I know you know this, @Hackgets - But I go into detail for the benefit of other readers.

Zorin OS Ultimate was renamed to Zorin OS Pro to better fit what the edition has to offer and its aim.
It may be reasonable that Core and Lite can be named in a way to better fit their goals.


Can " zorin-os-lite-core be installed via sudo apt? just a thought, thanks.

If you have the repositories listed for zorin, then, yes, though I don't see why you would want to.

Lite uses a different dm of I'm not mistaken, other than the desktop. This is about the only differences from core. The majority of lite's libraries and kernel are the same as core.

If you want the choice of lite or core desktop, you can always use sudo apt install zorin-lite-desktop.

Replacing the core/main utilities will modify dependencies so you no longer have a Zorin Core system if you use sudo apt install zorin-os-lite-core, which will remove gnome references in favor of xfce, along with changing the dm.

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Sorry to hijack the post, it's just another bit for my learning curve, that explains it fully many thanks. :+1: :+1: :+1:

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I take the liberty of suggesting names...

  • Zorin OS Normcore
  • Zorin OS Hoplite
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