The power went out and internet failed

Hello friends!
I share with you that working on my pc, there was a rain with a lot of lightning. Because of this, the power went out in my house.
When the power came back on and the system started, it happened that although the system indicated that there was internet, it did not connect to the internet. I looked for the solution but I couldn't find it; I had to re-install Zorin.
Could you please tell me what happened with the operating system and what I could do in case the same thing happens, thank you in advance for your support!

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Sounds like a DNS resolution issue... you've got a connection, but DNS resolution isn't taking place, so you can't navigate the internet unless you use IP addresses, rather than URLs.

The next time something like that happens, try to ping google by IP address:
ping -c 10

Then try to ping Google by URL:
ping -c 10

If the first one pings successfully but the second one doesn't, you know it's a DNS resolution problem.

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Are you sure that the system indicated there was internet available? It's possible that your system connected to only the access point provided by your router/modem and that was the indication you observed.

With most modern routers/modems, users can connect to the access point provided by their equipment, even when an internet connection is not present. Do you think it seems plausible that's what you saw when you thought the system was connected to the internet?

Based on your description of the problem and the inclement weather which seemed to cause it; it is much more likely that the loss of internet connectivity from your ISP is the cause of the issue, which may present to the user as no internet on their machine.


Always hard to pinpoint the issue after a power surge.
This can also effect the telephone line/modem connection by creating excess static in the line. this can be fixed by refreshing the modem ( by turning off both pc & modem & disconnecting the phone line for approx 3min's) this sends a signal to you ISP that your not connected & they auto refresh the line from static)

Things to help , A surge power protection to your pc & also a phone line surge protection filter.

Even with these installed it can still happen.

Power spikes happen here alot as i live in a very remote area, i use these devices , they work well but not 100% fool proof.

Hope this helps.

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On your Router, are there indicators there that confirm it has connected to the internet?

Do you have another device (e.g. wifi connected phone) you can use to prove your Router has live internet connection.

Your Router may have been disturbed by the surge and power fail/ power resumption. Since power supply has settled down, have you since done a Router power off, wait 30secs, power on cycle.


I can vouch for storm damage to computer! We had just moved into a new place when a big lightning storm struck around us. We unplugged our (laptop) computers but what we hadn't thought of was the grounding connections and telephone lines into those computers. A near by down strike back fed thru the phone lines (neighbor had his telephone 'box' blown off wall) which fried both our computers. The irony was that we had just bought (day before) a surge protector but had not installed it. Live and learn!

I'm glad you computer 'lived' to be able to be reloaded with OS. That's an unwelcomed effort but at least its not replacing the entire computer.

Hello dear Zorim friends!

I really appreciate all your comments.
I am impressed by the participation by which one can know that there will always be a zori friend on the other side of the net who will be able to support you in any doubt.
Thank you very much!

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