The reason I like Zorin

I have been working in the IT and network engineering aspects of computer for over 35 years. I have worked at major corporations and have many letters after my name for all the things I have learned.

I guess I got into linux back in 1996, things were not as good as they are today, but you spent a lot of time in chatrooms and so forth, bbs's, etc..

Then my career made me follow and remove Novell only to replace it with windows, exchange and consolidate. It was an amazing project.

Throughout all this I never really got deep into linux and to be honest I have forgotten so much its ridiculous, but I deeply respect those that are true to it and know all the little facets, kinda like being on the stepping stone of windows and knowing DOS, the command line, remembering IRQ's for your printer and modems. It's been a real adventure.

Why I really like Zorin? To be honest. The one thing that made me like this distro is that fact that when it loads, my screen is full screen even in the sandbox. Other distro's like linux mint, popos, etc.. when you load them on a 3840x1920 screen you get a small box that is so tiny it is near impossible to make bigger and you can spend an hour loading tools and some other ■■■■ that well it just makes you wanna shoot the developers.

Zorin, full screen from the start. I might get frustrated that certain apps don't work in Zorin, especially the ones I would love to try, but the truth is that Zorin is amazing with drivers. It loads, its quick, my fans in the laptop are almost silent all the time. It's truly amazing how well it runs and again the fact that the screen started off FULL SCREEN and not a 4" cube of text I can't even read is priceless.

Just want to thank the developers for that critically important step that truly made my choice in this distro easy.

Keep going Zorin!


Согласен. Использую Zorin OS, на iMac 2007г. Нет проблем, чего не скажешь о mac os и windows. Ubuntu этот mac вообще не тянет. Поражает живучесть и стабильность этой операционной системы, лаконичный и приятный дизайн. Прекрасно уживается с другими системами и делает за них то, от чего они отказываются.

I have long noticed significant improvements in Zorin OS over its base of Ubuntu.

Я давно заметил значительные улучшения в Zorin OS по сравнению с ее базой Ubuntu.


If Ubuntu updates compromise the functionality of Zorin OS, I support the developers taking a bolder approach.


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