The screen flickers while the Zorin logo appears

I thought Intel graphics drivers are included in kernel.

Intel Graphics Drivers for Linux

There is no one official Linux Graphics driver version since the driver is made up of different subsystems like the kernel driver, Mesa 3D driver, and other drivers. Each have their own current release version.
Most Linux-based* distributions already include Intel® Graphics Drivers. These drivers are provided and maintained by the Linux* distribution vendors and not by Intel, we recommend contacting the Linux* Operating System Vendors.


As such, then only trying different kernel versions can help.

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I have already told Jesusito to try older stable kernel.
He tried 5.4 and it made no difference according to him.

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The link you posted mentions the 5.3 working...

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Certainly we could try that.

I tried all three solutions you gave, and nothing

My screen used to flicker too when the Zorin logo appeared....I ignored it that time.....Now it doesn't happen anymore...
Maybe it got fixed when I updated my AMD Drivers.
Updating the drivers also solved other screen problems like the 'white noise' like screen.

@Jesusito You can add the flavour of ZorinOS you have, as part of your profile. e.g. Core/Pro/Lite etc

I have seen this is the solution, but I only find AMD and Nvidia drivers, and I use Intel graphics

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We have asked you to do this many many times. Please add the information to your profile:

Done, I already did


Can you issue this command in terminal?

Sure, which command is it?

Is it just flickering or are there any other issues related to it? Also does it flicker only towards the corners or the whole screen flickers evenly? I asked the second question because my screen used to flicker only towards the lower corners and in the centre the intensity was very low.

The full screen flashes while the boot animation appears.