The time finally came

And I couldnt be more excited about supporting a project such a Zorin.
Just got PRO, downloading the iso as a precaution and getting ready to do the upgrade on both computers.

Thank you to the Zorin team and everybody else who helps with support.
Im a very happy and proud user.


Boom! Both successfully upgraded.

Thank you again!


Congrats! I've just finished upgrading an old laptop myself and everything works great, even the fn keys finally work! Although it did took a good 60~75 minutes to complete.


Heck yeah, very very nice! This is the point where I would start customizing, starting by changing that middle dock to the Windows7 style start menu. And since my eyes suffer from light sensitivity, I would switch it to dark mode too, but you set it up how you like it! Congrats!

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Working fn keys are a must have on a laptop in my world. Lol.

I havent had a laptop in 3 yrs. Kinda enjoy it. I can walk away from the computer and tell the boss, "Dang it, thats gonna have to wait till I get back to the computer." Lol!

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Thank you.

And I ironiclly thats almost what I am currently using. I do like the layout of Windows 11. I just cant stand Windows. For the theme I tend to keep it set to switch to the light theme at 8am and goes back to dark at 5pm. Helps me stay in the right frame of mind for the day job's work hours.

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Agreed. I finally had the time to perform the upgrade to 17 Pro. Being I don't have a huge rig, took approx 30 minutes. Few minor hickups. Plank didn't work out of the box, but Storm had the fix posted:
(When you click your username on login screen a gear should appear somewhere. Click it and choose Xorg.)
Now just trying things out, seeing if there's any other issues I'm yet unaware of.
Enjoying the new changes. Very glad with the success of using the Upgrader, it worked great for me. Can't speak for others. Great Job to the Zorin Team.


Plank? The dock Plank? Is that something you added or is that on Zorin Lite?Because it was not installed on the iso I downloaded. I'm on the Gnome version of pro.

That is the Gnome Layout unklebonehead is using! Not Mac but prepared to stand corrected!

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Yep. I know gnome and XFCE. Thats why I went for the full on package.

Go big or go home as they say. LOL.

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Yes, the dock Plank. Works best to get the desired the layout I prefer. And I was familiar with it, so it made it easy for me.


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