The wall of Shame

This thread focuses on an undesirable side of Linux:
Bad Guides on the Internet.

Some have useless information, some have outdated information and some have dangerous information. There are even some that harvest information.

Please post sites, guides, threads, etc. you find that are a "Bad Guide" to help others users know which to avoid.

I will begin with:

A generic beginning rather than a particular page... This site is pretty much useless in every way.

Fake Guide:

I left a comment warning users that this guide will break Zorin OS, not upgrade it and the Site Administrator deleted the comment.


I am glad you made my suggestion materialise :slight_smile:

I quickly glanced this site over and saw the left side pane has this entry:

Coronavirus Best Natural Remedies for Protection/Cure

It is a telltale sign of a clickbait scam.
Luckily I was not drinking coffee :coffee: so there was no danger posed for my monitor.


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Wish I saw this one come up a couple weeks ago, I would have posted a few. I will keep this in mind on my journey and will report back with some as it is a guarantee I will find something...

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Never ever follow this tutorial.
It will break your Zorin installation :skull:


I posted a comment on this website explaining (politely) that the method will not work and why- the comment was removed by moderation.
This site would rather Break Users Zorin OS Installation than admit to having a poor Guide.

Absolutely 100% I add that Entire Website, not just the guide- To the Wall Of Shame.

I have zero doubt that the comments left claiming that the guide magically worked were Faked by the author.


I noticed they only have postings by people who said it worked.
I doubt it very much.

I wonder if you can add this site to you first posting so that it will have everything in one place.