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Can someone give me a good answer. Why is there is no activity over at the Zorin blog? The last update is the announcement of Zorin 16.2 back in october of 2022. Thats it!

Is there no news at all to share with the world?

they are currently working on zorin 17 and zorin grid
u can read about that here When Will Zorin OS 17 Be Released? - Zorin Help
Zorin Grid - Manage all of your computers. As easily as one.

There's only the two Zorin brothers working in this project, including the development of ZorinOS which already is quite a time consuming task (at least that's how it was last time I checked).


and remains to be...

I think Some of Us should produce a new or Forks version of the ZorinOS blogs. Ubuntu Have OMGUbuntu Fedora have Zillions of Blogs all made by Fans and DEV. Why not us? I'll be glad to chip in I little of financial and a whole lot of time since I work for My wife. Just Let Me know what to do. We love ZorinOS, Let's show it.


Contact with devs od tych agree and asking if they want.

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