The Zorin OS 17 installer has been blocked for +15h

I launched the update from Zorin OS 16 to Zorin OS 17 last night at 11pm. It's now 4.30pm and the installer hasn't made any progress since last night. The loading bar is frozen at 3/4. What should I do?

Did you backup your files before commencing to update Z16 to Z17 last night?
If you do have a fallback path to reinstate your files, then that will influence any advice whether to try and stop the upgrader. But 11hrs and running, seems an excessive period of time, so maybe stuck and stopping may be the only escape route.
Is anything else displayed on the screen?
Is the mouse/keyboard still useable or system frozen?

I can still back up my files. That's what I'm doing now.
Otherwise, most of Zorin's features still work, with the exception of the file explorer, which opens and loads indefinitely, and certain applications such as the task manager.
The terminal works very well.
I don't know if I need to tell you this, but instead of "Upgrading to Zorin OS 17", it says "(null)" under the Zorin logo in the Updater

Can you attach a screenshot of the updater window and "(null)" indication. It will help understanding. Make sure you complete your files backup before anything else, just in case, but probably you have Z16 remaining in its pre-update state.
I have not used updater myself to go from Z16 to Z17 myself yet.
@337harvey probably has most experience of the updater from Beta onwards, so may contribute some advice re "(null)" and seemingly stuck updater.

EDIT: See experience of another updater user here: Zorin 16 Pro to zorin Pro 17 update
Maybe use System Monitor to see if updater is indeed active or not.

At first, I want to tell you that after saving my files, I decided to power off my computer, and to re-install a Linux OS from scratch.

That said, other people may be in the same situation and it's important to have ideas about solving the problem.

So, @zabadabadoo you don't need a screenshot, just imagine the software upgrader where it is written (null) instead of Upgrading to Zorin OS 17. This is the only difference. I don't think that proves anything, other than that the software isn't perfected yet. A null pointer does not make a big difference when you want to display a string, but the same thing could very well have happened with a more important pointer.

The updater was stuck on "install upgrades".

For the network, I connected my PC to my phone using wifi hotspot, so the connection was relatively fast (500ko-5mo) per sec, and was not occupied by something else.

Even if there is no reason for my network to have failed, I know that sometimes, big downloads can stop until I put on airplane mode and put off airplane mode (don't ask me why).

So if the Upgrader wasn't programmed correctly in the case the download stops, perhaps this is the reason why it wasn't making any progress : When the connection was restored, it did not resume downloading.

Before running the updater, I ran the software updater.

To finish, I am going to tell you what happened when I powered off the computer.
I just pushed the power button until the computer shows a black screen. Then I restarted it, the grub menu was still working (even if my background on the grub menu had disappeared).
The OS launched, and... stayed in Busybox. I typed 'poweroff' and reinstalled the system over the previous data.


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