The Zorin OS Upgrader has Arrived!

Good shout - yes, I am. What worked for you - uninstall then reinstall Snaps?

Sadly, yes - Including snapd and on Zorin OS - the snap gnome-software plugin.

sudo apt remove snapd gnome-software-plugin-snap

sudo apt install snapd gnome-software-plugin-snap

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i did get my comp with zorin os 15.3 upgraded with the upgrader had to remove the wine i386 on it. after upgrade reinstalled the wine i386.

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One thing about a Direct Upgrade - On Any distro...
If a package that is available in say Bionic is not available in Focal, then after the upgrade, that package may no longer work.
The user must check for any packages that are no longer maintained in the later repos.

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I am wondering, will Zorin Windows App Support (Wine etc) be a problem with ZorinOS Upgrader. Anyone tried with this installed?

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I have Windows App Support installed and it still works for me.

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Has anyone used ZorinOS Upgrader to move from Z15.3 to Z16.2?

Also, (important for those with minimal size root disk partitions), how much extra disk space is needed for the ZorinOS Upgrader over the original OS to do the transition?

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Check the requirements of 16 on the official website. I believe it's about 5GB more space, for core installation, about the same for lite. I'm not sure with pro versions, and it depends on if you accept the included software or want a minimal installation.

If you are using 32 bit, I don't know if there is a way to convert to 64bit (since 32 bit is no longer supported). This is also dependent on the hardware.

My thinking was, depending on how the upgrader works (i.e. does it install new version alongside old version during the process, so using more disk space), maybe devs will need to change the current published minimum disk space requirement for ZorinOS editions to enable upgrader to work on existing installs.

I don't believe it installs next to existing versions, but rather replaces what is necessary to make it the 16 version and updates everything accordingly (same applications but the focal versions). In this way, only what is necessary to upgrade the OS is changed, similar to how android was updated. I could be wrong though.

it have all Zorin distribution in one iso. Depends what you want installing it gived you update version lite,core or pro. Like three musketers one for 3 vs 3 for 1

That question has remained unanswered.

I wonder how much Beta testing the Upgrader is getting. As not seen much feedback here on user experience and findings so far.

Probable explaination is that most users already have the latest version of ZorinOS (Z16.2) installed, so there is not much scope to test the Upgrader untill new Z17 version is released.

EDIT: I have now just seen this item: I can't update anything

EDIT2: I have just run Software Updater on Z15.3 Core. There were some updates available, including the Zorin Upgrader. "Upgrade Zorin OS" is now listed as menu item under Zorin>System Tools. So I guess Beta testing is done and devs have launched the first Production version of the Zorin OS Upgrader app.


Gday Zaba,

  • Yes it has been tested many times by myself of one. (Working great!!!)
    To answer the question of install size diff, from 1.8gb-3.8gb (without listing the variables/reasons this will change with live release).

All reporting should be directed to the feedback email, not here on the forum. This is why your not seeing any/many issue's in this topic.

There has been approx 19 updates to the Upgrader.
(This means approx 1 update per day, remember the Dev's do need to eat & sleep :)(let alone family & social time) & i can bet some sleepless nights, also the sorting threw the feedback email can be a headache within itself.)

No, testing is not completed.
When you Don't see the (beta) in your menu list next to an app, then it is a "Final/Live release". (This will be soon) via an update, so keep your eye's on the Updates & the Blog page, also Zorin new letter.

As i have not run a test in the past week due to personal reasons (not online) The Upgrader was sent via Updates 1-2days after first manual install of the Upgrader, to both 15 & 16 OS.
On 15 i believe you still need to follow the blog page to opt into testing.

  • Side Note:
    For user's who maybe interested in Beta testing,
    It can be a well paid job, There is more to Beta testing, than just noting if the app works & like programming, Beta testing you have diff area's of expertise
    For further info on what's involved in Beta testing, try searching YouTube on "Beta testing" "User Acceptance Testing".

That being said, the everyday user's (non-experienced beta tester) feedback is one of the important parts of the Public Beta Test.
Best practice for feedback to the Dev's, is to keep it brief as possible. add photo's/Log's if possible.
Including your Computer system info.

To all User's that are/have tested the Upgrader,
Thank you for your time & effort.
Keep up the good work. :+1:


Well the menu item for "Upgrade Zorin OS" said just that. There was no indication of it being a "Beta".
So now I'm confused as to whether it is Beta or Production version that has been rolled out via Software Updater to Z15.

Seem's Zaba, is closer to the ZorinGroup's main server (getting the first updates) hehehehe

Yes the Zorin Upgrader seems to be now "Live"
i have just updated all my testing machines & it now appears as "Upgrader Zorin OS"

zorin-os-upgrader/focal,focal,now 1.1 amd64 [installed]

Again, Thanks to all for your help in testing this New addition to the Zorin OS experience.
Zorin Forum Community.

If you receive auto updates & still don't see the Live version of the "Upgrader",
Please manually open "Software updater" & run it again. It may still say (Beta) in the updater, (if you extend it it will show version 1.1).


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Having had numerous problems with the Upgrader on my setup, I can attest to the truly exceptional support you get from the Zorin team. Not only are they highly responsive but they also provide highly detailed instructions, even tested using my configuration to confirm the issue and released multiple updates in response to the issues I faced.

And I'm not using the Pro edition. I am happy to report that I am now on Zorin 16.2 - with thanks!

Full marks and then some to the Zorin team!


The Zorin's are passionate about the OS and want EVERYONE to have a great experience, pro and free versions alike.

This is why I stayed with Zorin, am happy to have the privilege of moderating the forum for them and support them in this endeavor.



That's a really Good news!!! I'm still waiting for Zorin 17 to use it as my secondary OS. Unfortunately I had switched to Windows 11 for my video editing work as I really didn't had a really good experience with linux overall. Asap the zorin 17 would release, I'm going to install it :sunglasses: