The Zorin OS Upgrader has Arrived!

Read more about it on the blog


Thank goodness. Maybe this will be used to upgrade to Zorin 17 when it releases?

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It can if you want to. It can also upgrade your system to PRO if needed.

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I'd like a Zorin OS Updater to update the OS as the actual Software Updater sometimes hangs some seconds and then minimizes itself after clicking Install and can crash after selecting some updates.

Huh? Never uses it.

And how do you update your OS then? Do you use another software or update via terminal?

via terminal. When you can your apt on your fingertips it's easier.

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sudo apt install zorin-os-upgrader
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I have officially upgraded my Zorin Lite Virtual Machine to Pro Lite, and to prove that I simply did not reinstall Zorin Lite:


Nicely done.

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i have zorin 15.3 core and the upgrader says there is no upgrade yet there is zorin 16?

Have you upgraded all packages, first?

sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade

Then run the Zorin OS Upgrader and see what output it gives.

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Well I for one are very pleased, I can see the future of Zorin being the number one distro! :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:


Good News. I will creating a backup and installing fresh.
Update not always gived you 100% chance everything will be working 100%. I saw that in mint where it is exist and windows updates long time ago.

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I support the idea of making backups first. The blog post clearly states this is in Beta, and I'm sure they have thoroughly tested it, but doesn't hurt to make a backup just in case.


still says no upgrade did what ya said.

Let's notify the ZorinGroup directly and see if this is an issue to be resolved. This is the Beta version released for Public Testing, after-all. :wink:

And ZorinGroup now Notified.

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Wow, they picked that up quick...

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