The ZorinBookPro is here

Finally, my favourite linux distrib is installed on my early 2015 MBP.
Installation was a blast. Less hassle than with windows(on a PC). It had sound, internet, GUI right away. Everything just work. Not sure if the built-in screen and keyboard brightness or the volume control is the merit of the ZorinOS team, but these work as well.

Only downside is that i could only install it on an external drive. But this is only Apple's fault. I might change it to a bigger pendrive.

My biggest problem so far is that Jelly Mode kills the CPU, but again it is probably the stupid design of the MBP, anything can overheat it...

So far so good. I'm a happy ZorinOS Pro customer. Keep up the good work guys!


In future, rEFInd may help you resolve this issue.


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