[Theme] Moonlight Icon Theme


Moonlight Icon Theme under development. Will be available for Gnome, Deepin, XFCE and Budgie DE.

Screenshot from 2023-11-15 05-42-16



Working day and night on this one. It's more complicated than most of my themes as I'm adding glowing to all the logos on the icons. If you noticed if you look at the icons.

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I did notice the glowing, and it looks pretty cool! Not too subtle, not too "in your face". With different colors you could make a pretty fairly decent neon style desktop.


Aye. I'm going to experiment with different colours.

Still a long way yet. And Findus is acting up which complicate my work rhythm.

I have renamed my theme to "Moonlight" as it's more fitting with the dark and glowing.

I'm at the "G" at the moment.

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Letter "O" is going to be tough. Alot of icons starts with O (as in org.)

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