[Theme] SuperNova Icon Theme --- [Released]

Super Nova Icon Theme will soon be available for Gnome, XFCE, Deepin and Budgie DE. Many different colors will be available to use from Bronze to Pink.




YAY!!! Apps icons, category and Devices icons are done!


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Almost there. If I keep it up I can launch the release today or tomorrow.

So I take request of which icons from your favorite apps I should put in it.

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It's alive! It's alive!

Download here:


And if you like my icon theme don't forget, head over at gnome-look.org and rate my icon theme. It means so much to me and keeps me to the fire.

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Done and done ...... thank you for another beautiful icon set ...... which color did you use in your video ????? .... now as they are downloaded I gotta try them out ..... yahoooooo .... :+1: :clap: :smile:

I used Purple in the video.

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Spent quite some time arranging and rearranging my theme settings to try out the Supernova Icon Theme that Storm just released ..... and finally settled on one by using a combination of different other choices .....

I have a ton of different themes .... icon sets and wallpapers to choose from so the task can be a bit overwhelming ..... :exploding_head: ..... but I chose one that I kinda like except maybe the background doesn't fit the theme so I may experiment a bit more with that ..... but for now I'll use what I got ..... :crazy_face: ....

I am using a darker over all theme instead of my usual gray or dark gray because all my other choices like the net etc. are done with a dark theme and it is a easier on my eyes .....

Yea I know the background doesn't really go with the theme but I just like the picture 'cause it's how I feel some days ..... :rofl: ..... I'll tend to that later today ..... this is the first time I have used a red icon set most of the time I have green .... blue or orange .... but change is good ..... :sunglasses:

Just a quick note I am using this on Cinnamon DE and not sure which version of Zorin as I have both 16.3 Pro and Zorin Pro Lite installed but my choice in the sign-in drop down menu just says Cinnamon ..... Zorin and Zorin Lite ..... :crazy_face:

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