[Theme] Winter Mist --> Released <--

A flat grey/white theme suite for Gnome, XFCE and Budgie DE.





This theme looks good from an accessibility point of view too. Clear, crisp and great contrast. (Just need to correct typo of Budgie DE)




Also works on Zorin 16 Pro running Cinnamon DE ..... :+1: :clap:

Thank you

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You're welcome.

Anyone knows why my icon themes works well on every DE/WMs but on KDE it look like this:

I'm very puzzle about this???

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Does your index.theme contain the KDE specific stuff?

# KDE Specific Stuff
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Nope. Why Why Why has KDE to be so overcomplicated. Any other DE can do this without extra hassle. /rant


That, in itself, may not solve it... I have encountered this problem on occasion, too. And worse, it happened on Some Plasma Desktops, but not others.
And I have not yet found a solution to that particular issue, either...

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IMHO ..... KDE marches to a different drum ..... some people hate it while other people love it .... I tied it once but it didn't play nice with the other 3 DE's I had already installed on Zorin .... as long as I just used KDE everything was just peachy ..... BUT ...... when I went back to any of the other DE's KDE tried to take over with it's installed apps causing complete chaos to the point where I had to re-install Zorn to make it go away ....

But like I said some folks love it ..... kinda like I feel about Cinnamon .... :+1: :grinning:

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I find it useful to have apps show up in other DE's. Not had any major issues trying other DEs in Devuan.

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I'm going to run Manjaro KDE in VM to see if I can solve this problem...

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i tried it on xfce, it's very good , but i wish if it is dark theme, i don't like light theme

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I used to use nothing but dark themes but over the last 6 months I have developed a like for a lighter shade but not the light one .... but I don't mind the light icons being lighter .... just not the whole theme ....

Aravisian has made some really nice dark gray and medium gray themes .... if I could get my high-lite color when copy and pasting text to display the nice green color I'm using now I would go back to some of those .... but my tired ol' eyes need a color to pop-out ..... if you know what I mean ..... see photo

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No cigar I even inserted KDE-Extensions=.svg in the index file. Am I making the image file wrong with Inkscape? Should they be saved in another format? I'm using Inkscape default .svg

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The format is fine. I have struggled with this before and explored everything I could think of. I even had mentioned it on this forum before...

KDE handles theming differently. Rather than everything being generally in one logical place, in KDE, the theme elements are scattered all over the place. And different elements of Desktop experience and appearance are governed by different things.
This allows KDE a lot of customization within its widgets. But it does have the downside of being an explosion in a kitestring factory in organization.

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Do you use some kind of gnome extension for that little line separating pinned apps from the other, or it's gnome 4?

No intention to teach Granny to suck eggs:

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Try "Dash to Dock Cosmic" instead of Zorins default dash to dock. If it doesn't show up, then it's a Gnome 4 thing.

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Thanks I'll take a look.

Version 1.1 is out!

  • Added: Protonmail, Mednaffe, Pulse effect
  • Added: extra mime-type icons
  • Games: (Steam) Banner of Ruin, (Steam) Paths & Danger,
  • Games: (Steam) The Hands of Merlin, (Steam) KeeperRL,
  • Changed: Pulse Audio control, Firmware, Gnome Photos,
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