This forum having less activity?

I have one question. This forum last time is very silence.
That means most people are busy with coming a holiday Merry Christmas?

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Pretty much. Seasonal thing. But just wait until 17 comes out. Activity will pick up then. So this is "The Calm before the Storm"..

No pun intended with our Storm.


it's about time to give us new ZOS release!

@JeffK969 Non taken

@Bourne Not what I'm aware off. It goes up and down in periods. Some taking a break from the forum life, others are just lurking from a distance.




Very well stated. Will have to re-post in two


Then it could be some members out and coming new people with Zorin 17.
Besides I watching last time Titus Tech and from tier Zorin OS he talking taken down from beginning good distribution on second place to pointless. I mean take to propably last place.
It could be because the distribution ZorinOS is not updated. Then why many people choice newer version Linux.
Still must sayed for beginning journey with Linux ZorinOS is good choice for everyone.
Besides this is support channel forum then that is normal for me.

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Keep in mind that people like Titus Tech make a living out of making videos for YouTube, and as such all content must adhere to the prescribed guidelines of The Algorithm™. Making bold, empty and controversial statements just about describe the entire job description these days.

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I guess I am too old school to understand the mentallity that says we always have to have the latest. When I was growing up and especially after I was out on my own my spending was for what I NEEDED. And occasionally if I had the extra money I might buy something just because I wanted it. But it seems like in today's society almost everyone thinks they are somehow entitled to the latest and best. My preacher sums it up this way, "We spend money we don't have, to buy things we don't need, to impress people we don't like."


One of the things I really like about Linux, is all the different flavors out there. So many different people that all have varying taste, wants, likes, what have you. I would think many of us have distro hopped prior to selecting which we prefer.
For many of us on here, it was Zorin. And I know most of us will use something different on another PC as well. Titus Tech has his opinion, so will many others on whether what tier Zorin belongs on. For me, you can guess what tier I believe it to be.
As for the Forum. It's a roller coaster, high volume, low volume. Like Harvey mentioned, it's a trend. I myself come and go due to outside influences with life.
I may be away for a few weeks. But at some point, I'll def be back. Ain't going nowhere else.


I liked him a natural behaviour on youtube.
Many people doing review.
I remember also this a man
He have a good webside with guides.
From his movie we can learning something.
Have you got some favorite youtubers what gived for people some good science or learning.


Yeah something like a new version apple mobile on the sky.
Catch me. I mean buying me you will be cool in school, society and everywhere.
Nobody saying you are coming from poor family or you are creepy or something.
Now the human feelings doesn't matter. Now is most important what you have.

For Linux in particular I really like these ones:

The Linux Experiment (PeerTube) - to stay up to date with news, and the occasional review including one similar to Chris' tier list of Linux distributions (only better :slight_smile: )

Learn Linux TV - For general knowledge regarding Linux, homelab, security, etc.

Just A Guy Linux - Great channel for Debian specifically, trying out multiple technologies like window managers, file systems, etc.

Linux Dabbler (Odysee) - Very similar to above, heavily focused on Debian and trying out different techs.

Wolfgang's Channel - Focused mostly around home labs and small-scale DIY stuff.

There are many others but I'd have to take some more time to make a proper list :smiley: For science/history/general stuff in particular, I like these:

Veritasium (Odysee) - Makes even the most unexpected topics extremely interesting.

Real Engineering - Breaks down the complex intricacies of state-of-the-art mechanical technology.

Real Science - Same as above but with nature.

Historigraph - Different history military battles and events.

Casual Navigation - All about ships and navigation.

Astrum - For the cosmos.

Some other day I'll get all my many bookmarks sorted and make a proper list but this is a good summary of what comes to mind.


I partially agree with this. Zorin is currently somewhat out of date, perhaps not critically, and it likely doesn't impact the day-to-day operations and usage of the Zorin OS. However, the current trend is for everything to be up to date, and every distribution strives to be the first and the best. Even Debian, which is the most stable distribution, has multiple channels like testing and unstable, so there is always something new. An additional issue with Zorin is that developers have very little contact with their users. The blog is only active during a release, meaning 2-3 times a year. No one knows what is happening at any given moment, what is planned, what has been accomplished, and so on. Zorin is indeed a good distribution, stable and aesthetically pleasing, but a bit more activity from the developers' side and more frequent updates wouldn't hurt in promoting the distribution, attracting new users, and the like.


You said it so right mate :slight_smile:

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I think the notion of updated should be used within a context: unless you're running a rolling release distribution you're always outdated to some degree. The question is if that works for your or not.

In the case of Debian, the whole purpose is to deliver a rock-solid and predictable system. The other branches are there to serve that purpose, not to make Debian any less outdated. With ZorinOS, the goal is to deliver a good out of the box experience, particularly to those more used to Windows or MacOS, that works without having to know much of Linux.

While I agree that there's an obvious trend towards wanting the latest versions of software, I'm not so sure it's always in your best interest to pursue that. In my experience with rolling release models, it's only a matter of time until something breaks and you have to stop what you're doing to fix it. Even if you decide roll back and fix it later, that's time that you'll have to spend on it anyway.
I prefer Debian's release model where I can choose upfront how stable and up-to-date I want my system to run.



I have been using Zorin 16 since last January - when windows withdrew Win8 support from this old (but still perfectly usable) laptop. The thing is that under Win8 is became more and more unusable, becoming slower and clunkier. After Win8 support was withdrawn, the laptop came up with a full-screen advert for new Windows laptops, telling me it was time to buy a new laptop.

Strangely, immediately after this, it totally ground to a non-functioning halt.

This isn't my primary system, I use it for writing, entertainment, and emergency coding work when I'm away from home. I've used (and programmed) computers since the start of the 90s.

I wiped the system and installed Zorin, paid for Pro as I value the work that goes into this. I've tried Linux a few times in the last 20 years, but I am so glad t have made the shift at least on this system. I've learned a lot, and been surprised at the difference its made - no longer having to constantly fight the system to get it to where I can just do some work. In fact, I love this system, its a pleasure to use.

There are issues - it seems to totally freeze on me at least once a week, usually after a sleep. Mainly I can just use it. I have also appreciated that, if I want to spend time tinkering, there's plenty opportunity for that.

Apologies for the long story. Just to say that I value and appreciate this system because stability is primary; because its not always nagging me for updates, and its easy to use.

I don't often have time to be more active here, however this forum has been excellent the couple of times I have asked for help on something, and also just reading for information. I really appreciate the experience and advice from everybody here. I know that I shall be able to upgrade my partner's Win10 laptop in due course. My main system will have to wait - it runs a load of pro audio gear as well as other windows-only software. I know that I don't want a Win11 system!


Propably this forum will be hot when new version Zorin 17 will out.

Yup. Waiting with patient with new version and curious to testing Z17.

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