This happens everytime I try to download any vcrun version

Games need the microsoft runtime whatever and I cant run any of them help!

Can you run

winetricks --self-update

Then try fresh install of vcrun. It appears that there is an open bug on this:

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Alright my installs seem to be going through. But now I am getting this error.
Is there a workaround for this? Can I run dxvk on wine 6.0.3? Can I also upgrade that? Thanks for answers btw because I've been searching on how to fix this since yesterday and dont really know what to look for.

That error almost always means that your GPU is not up to date. I do not recall from other threads which GPU you are using or which drivers - can you remind me?

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i have a gt 520, which has nvidia 390.157 driver

Any updates on this?

If you're using ZorinOS' built-in Windows App Support on ZorinOS 17.1 or later, you will find Bottles in your menu.

You can create a new bottle there, and once finished find different vcrun versions under the "Dependencies" menu option.

Generally, managing Wine / Windows App Support with Bottles is a lot more intuitive than with Winetweaks manually.

DXVK is missing. DirectX is not natively supported by the driver so without DXVK it WILL think that it is missing support.

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Im on os 16.3 lite, just installed bottles from software and it does not run