This May Surprise You But

I know this may come as a surprise to y'all who know me but since ZorinOS 17 Beta came out i have not distro hopped once. Haha i was known as a bunny, hopping from distro to distro but since 17 debuted til now i have been a loyal fan. I just thought that fact deserved it's own whole thread. :rofl: :kissing_heart:


To try different Distro's is normal I think. I mean You must search the right One for You. With Zorin 17 I'm so far in a good Position, too. On Zorin 16 my Printer didn't worked. Now on Zorin 17 it runs without Problems.

There is only one Thing that I must clarify: Amazon Prime Video. It looks like that they block a higher Resolution when I use Linux instead of Windows. So I want to talk with the Amazon Guys or Girls who are responsible for that.

That is the only open Issue what I have. The other Stuff (Hardware, Software) runs.

Pretty much the same for me. Im really happy with the OS. Yes, there are a few things I really miss but mostly its a smoot experience and I really enjoy the look compared and approach compared to mint!

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According to this thread, using Chromium means it is possible to watch in HD?
There is also a link to a github page about making Firefox fool Amazon Prime into thinking it is being viewed in Windows!

I tried it with Brave in the Past but for me it doesn't work. I've read your Link and there stands that Chromium should work ... For me it doesn't work. And I didn't got an Note like it is written in the linked Forum Entry. and it is only with Prime. On Youtube f.e. I don't have that Problem.

It seems to be an Amazon Thing - for whatever Reasons. And because of that, I thought, it would be good to speak directly with them. Maybe I should try Chromium itself and no Chromium based Browser ... But to be honest: I'm not a great Fan of Chromium Browsers. I prefer Firefox. I use it over Years and it is simply the Browser for me. But maybe I must be a little bit more open, haha!

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I am not sure why but in Zorin 17 i get far more new Gnome Extensions that are unsupported in 17 then i ever got in 16. @Aravisian any idea why?

I would think there are older One's who are not support the Gnome Version from Zorin 17.

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Which is exactly why I am not going to upgrade to Zorin OS 17 right away. I got extensions that I rely on. Although, I will say, in fairness to OS 17, some of those were integrated, like the GPU selector, and the sound output selector. Those being the most important ones actually.

But I didn't see a mention for the CPU clock speed adjuster that I also use, to force the PC to run at the speed I want it to. Yes my computer is modern and perfectly capable of auto boosting. But I find that in certain games that are not well optimized, when the auto boost continues to go up and down, it causes lag in some games.

I discovered when I set a sustained clock speed of say 3.5GHZ, most games run smooth without lag. And since I play all games in 4K, the GPU handles most of the work anyways.

Unless the developers of these extensions continue to work on and update them for modern versions of Ubuntu/Gnome, they simply won't work on OS 17.


What Extensions do You use in Detail?

It may be worth following this thread:

I do not know the answer why; but I suspect it is because Zorin OS is a bit non-standard with the Gnome version. This may need to be stabilized.

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I have the opposite experience. I find more extensions are available with 42+ than 3.38 that I use.

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Yea i am not sure the answer either, every one of the latest extensions on OMG Ubuntu site when i got to the extension page says unsupported so anyways i guess i was wondering why. It truly is a mystery.

Can you checked what sessions the extension page is set to?

Sorry I am not sure i understand your question. it is when i click open link and the extension manager opens and says unsupported

Here is an example, this worked in 16 but not in 17

Sorry, this probably is because I meant to say shell version, not sessions.
I use XFCE and my brain reverted to defaults.

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Using the example...

Zorin 16 - Gnome version 3.38
Zorin 17 - Gnome version 43.9

... this is why is unsupported.

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Alright thanks, I wish Zorin could run on 45 but yea thanks. :poop:

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