Those who bought Z16 Pro are disavantaged

Am I wrong ? I bought Z16 Pro and two weeks later we could download and install Z17. By installing Z16 Pro, I cannot have access to the latest perks of the new Z17. I cannot even upgrade from Z16 Pro to Z17 without wiping my entire PC.

If I had to do it again, I would make another choice.

Yes and no. What Zorin should do is make it known on the website that the new version is coming out soon. Also, perhaps after say 90 days from the release of 16.3, offer a discount so 16.3 buyers can get 17 for less later. You can ask the Zorin team about your situation. But, you paid for 16 and will get support for 16 as long as it is supported. ZOS 17 Core is at no cost and what I use. But yes, the Zorin team needs to do a better job about this particular issue. I think if you paid for 16, you should get the next upgrade at half price but that’s me.


Too late, I am installing a new distro, Thanks !

You are right. You made a conscious choice to purchase Zorin 16 Pro right before version 17 hit the market. Unless it was not a conscious choice, at which point you might want to reevaluate your purchasing strategies in general, but that is on you, not the product.

Honestly, the entire Internet has been full of news about the upcoming versions for months, there were countless videos on YouTube, etc., so a quick search on Google would have told you everything you needed to know for an informed decision.

On the other hand, this "purchase price" really is nothing other than a contribution to Zorin's development in disguise.

By the way, you can continue using Zorin OS 16—it is not like it got suddenly worse after the new release—and receive continuous updates for years to come.

Since this purchase was indeed close to the new release, you might want to reach out to the Zorin brothers directly, maybe they will offer you some kind of deal. But that is something you would have to take up with them, as we have no control over it on these forums.

You might also suggest a more lenient approach in general for those who purchased the previous version. It never hurts to ask. :blush:


"Too late" after waiting all of twelve (!) minutes until the first feedback from volunteers, where any professional support for much higher priced products would take hours or days to respond. :clown_face: A true friend of rash decisions.

Oh well, case closed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Once Zorin OS Upgrader Tool is officially released for 17, you can upgrade in place without a fresh install.

Since you bought Zorin Pro right before the release of 17, please use your Pro Purchase Contact Form to contact the ZorinGroup to help resolve this issue. They can access your purchase date.
Not everyone will have gotten news of the pending 17 release. The ZorinGroup is very understanding of this and can help set you up with Zorin OS 17 Pro.

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Unfortunately some people don’t understand what they are buying nor do they understand that Linux is made by volunteers for the most part or small organizations. For me, Zorin is one of the most complete distributions which you can use to get things done for FREE! Or they can “buy” it and get some small extras but really it’s a contribution to help the developers keep doing what they do. Kudos to the Zorin brothers. My hope is they go all Debian but Ubuntu does provide them a solid base.


In my opinion, the Zorin team should release their Pro versions annually, like one year or two years or whatever.

I believe it wasnt so clear as you are trying to attack your customers instead of understanding what makes SEVERAL customers feel like there is a lack of communication at this level. We come to the forums to discuss it openly and we get called clowns. Really...

To be clear, everyone in this forum is just a regular customer just like yourself; we are not affiliated to the ZorinGroup. You should try to reach out the developers directly by using the email address provided in your purchase of Z16 Pro.


No, you did not come to the forums to "discuss it openly". You barged in to throw a tantrum because you were angry at yourself for making a rash decision and tried to blame it on others. That may be an increasingly global trend, but that does not make it right.

Then, you gave us volunteers all of 12 minutes to accommodate your whims.

Please note that a clown smiley does not equal calling somebody a clown but relays the emotional experience of its poster. You could always google the concept at your leisure if and when your attention span allows.

And this is where I will leave you to your own devices. Thank <insert applicable deity here> there is an ignore option on these generally well-behaved and welcoming forums. I never thought I would need it, but here we are.

  • And yet, you have deviated from that.
    @Ragnir, you are most often welcoming, helpful and well-behaved. Yet, in this thread, you have assumed a lot about the member that posted and tread very close to making personal attacks.

The meaning of the clown emoticon is quite clear. Accusing the person of throwing a tantrum for making rash decisions does not logically follow.

I am quite reasonably certain that almost any person would be utterly dismayed to find out that Zorin OS 17 Pro was released within a couple of weeks of them having just bought Zorin OS 16 Pro.
When they moved to choose Zorin OS 16 Pro, there was no warning on the screen to say "Zorin OS 17 is pending release any day now"...

It is true that choosing Zorin OS Pro is what funds development and that users choose Pro in order to progress Zorin OS onward. However, this does not mean that anyone wants to donate twice in immediate succession.
People have lives and jobs and other things to focus on - they can easily miss the news that Zorin OS 17 is finalizing development. Our awareness of it is centered around how immersed we are on the topic.

@Meho, your complaint is rational and understandable. Please contact the ZorinGroup directly to seek resolution for this issue. They are able to see the purchase date of Zorin OS 16 Pro and make an informed decision about how very close that was to the release of Zorin OS 17 Pro.

EDIT: Thread moved to Feedback

I am also quite reasonably certain that due diligence related to a purchase decision rests with the buyer, not the seller. If that sounds unreasonable, I cannot help it.

As much as I would have liked to lend a hand whenever possible, I will not suffer being treated like a fool in the process for responding in kind to a condescending tone set by the original poster.

Thus, given the official stance on the subject, I will limit my efforts on these forums accordingly. I am sure Meho will fill my spot adequately.

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The due diligence to your choices rests with you just as much.
You were not treated like a fool. You were addressed for treating someone else that way.
The official stance of this forum is that the users treat each other with consideration, decency and respect.

Your participation on this forum includes you having read and understood the forum guidelines:

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Yes, due diligence does rest with me as well. That is a good point and I will gladly correct my error and turn to forums who treat each other—including me—with that consideration, decency and respect you just mentioned.

Some of them even send a quick PM when they disagree with a member's view, instead of dragging things out in public, thereby escalating the problem and forcing final decisions. But, of course, only if there is even a mild interest in keeping said member around.

Since limiting my participation obviously does not satisfy your requirements, I will take the hint and show myself the door.

A big thank you to the friendly people on these forums, you know who you are. :wave:

@Ragnir, you did not PM disagreement to members. You publicly posted your content which resulted in Moderator Response.
I had originally wanted to separate out all the negative posts in this thread.

The O.P. expressed understandable frustration. I have re-read this thread multiple times and I do not see @Meho use a "condescending tone."

You did point out that a 12 minute wait period is short. This is valid.
However, if we examine Meho's posts, we can all relate to it. Sometimes, you are just trying to get something to work. You get halted by needing to solve problem A. To solve problem A, you must then solve problem B. Solving B requires solving problem C... The user will get frustrated and start feeling a bit trapped. This is normal.

Sometimes a person feels Fed Up and opts to eliminate the issue - making Meho's statement of switching distros understandable. You should have seen me raging recently about Steam.

Given all the above and the reading of the thread as an non-emotionally involved outsider, this is pretty clear.
De-escalating the issue is a better action than degrading the frustrated customer who has a valid complaint.

It is normal for a user that gets moderated to react to it. What you choose to do about it; Either Correct your errors or leave the forum - is entirely up to you. Shifting the blame onto the user - or onto the forum - is not accepting of your own personal responsibility of your own choices.

Consider this subject closed.

Ultimately, a buyer needs to know what they are buying. Although my observation is that Zorin could do better in alerting buyers that a new version is pending, it is the buyer’s responsibility to know that why they purchase is right for them. All of this could be improved upon by changing the pricing structure to incentivize buyers of old version to buy the new version at a discount as recognition for loyalty. That would ensure a more continuous stream of revenue/contributions. Regardless, the Latin axiom “caveat emptor” or “let the buyer beware” is appropriate-buyers need to take some ownership in the process and be cognizant of what they are buying. Zorin has done a fantastic job with their operating system and considering it is FREE for the other non-Pro versions, I see this all as moot since it really is more a contribution to keep forward progress on future development. Keep up the great work Zorin.

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I do not see anything in this thread that demonstrates the the O.P. was lacking cognizance of their purchase.
The complaint stated is not "Zorin OS does not meet my expectations".
It is that they learned about the release of Zorin OS 17 shortly after they purchased Zorin OS 16 Pro.
And this is something that could happen to anyone.
How we react to this can vary dependent on personality. Some may decide to cut their losses. Some might feel like asking about it could help their situation. Some might stay silent but hold a grudge...

I am one of those that does not believe in the old sayings of "Buyer beware" or "The customer is always right."
The customer is not always right. Unscrupulous customers can take advantage of a business and in so doing, can affect product prices.
And this is as true of businesses; Businesses that use misleading marketing or deceptive advertising can impact average or diligent buyers.

Life Isn't Fair.
But we have a choice, each of us, as a person, to step up and offer fairness or understanding where life falls short.

A buyer can have a limited responsibility within reasonable measure. But buyers are not 100% solely responsible in pretty much anything. There are laws all around the world to protect consumers for a Good Reason.
The ZorinGroup has always shown themselves to be ethical, considerate and give a lot of benefit of the doubt. They have shown plenty of understanding and compassion to the Zorin OS users.
We members of the forum are independent and have a will of our own. However, we can follow their example without placing sole blame and we can adhere to the guidelines of this forum.

It is completely reasonable that had @Meho and others known that Zorin OS 17 was due for soon release, they would have purchased Zorin OS 17 Pro.
They would be happy quietly running it and we would not have known Meho or others even exist.
But that is not what happened. Meho landed on the other side of fair on this one.
What we can do is Make It Right.
Meho was frustrated but polite. And Meho chose to address the problem and speak up about it which not only can help himself, but help others.

How We Can Help:

  • We can show understanding of real life situations rather than using blame to avoid it.
  • We can give user Feedback to the ZorinGroup to help them to know about issues and offer suggestions for solutions.
  • We can help turn a user or customers "wrong" into a "right". We do this every day, all the time on this forum. We do not tell them that as the user, that are solely 100% responsible for bugs in the distro they chose since it is Open Source. Instead, we share knowledge, tips, suggestions and solutions.
  • We can maintain a friendly and welcoming place that understands user issues.

No one is perfect. Not Artyom and not Kyrill Zorin. Not myself, not Meho and not @Ragnir. But we can choose to be good and work on all our imperfections as Life Lessons to do better next time.

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I agree with @C141ZorinOS. I love Zorin OS, and have started recommending it to friends. I am a Pro customer. I am happy to do my part in supporting ZorinGroup and Zorin OS. But I will say that, yes, ZorinGroup could have done a bit better specifically with communication about the pending release of Zorin OS 17 and pricing (e.g., like with a blog post about first-time buyers, folks who are updating, and so on). That much is true. No way around it, except to do better. Thanks.

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This might be a good thing to mention on the website about how we pay for one version alone and therefore we have to pay again for the next version. I'm eagerly waiting for 17 pro. I foolishly assumed "oh I'll just pay right now because I don't want to wait and I'll get the upgrades". I definitely assumed because in the market of operating systems, majority players who charge customers do it that way. I wrongly assumed it. Not critiquing at all but just sharing my experience. I would have not paid if I knew so. This may be a very important detail to disclose on the website explicitly.

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