Thoughts on Shikitega malware

Hi! It's been awhile. I wonder what the community, especially those who are already been to Linux for long time thinks about this one:

Like does those who casually use linux, those desktop users, should be bother in its attack or for sure it will only targets the linux servers and IoT devices? Or if it will target every linux based system, what precautions should those the like of us should do from now on? It was said AV can't trace it much yet. Also, it abuses legitimate cloud base system which make me wonder.

It mentions on the article that there's already a patch for this malware. If you update your system periodically then you are likely safe from this threat. IoT devices are more vulnerable because they receive updates far less frequently than a desktop or a server computer.


The best defense against viruses and malware is you. Be aware of the places you visit online, keeping to reputable sources. If you're not sure if it's a reputable source, web search the site without the ending (.com, .org, .io). In most browsers, when you hover over a link the link address comes up in the bottom left hand corner. You can evaluate where you are going by looking at it.

In emails, if you are warry about a link included, check the from (you may have to click the shortened version to see the full email address). Make sure it's not a random Gmail or other address. Say an email comes in talking about changing account info for your mobile carrier. Check that the email has the mobile carriers name not a Gmail.

Be prudent in checking the information provided, dumb clicking is the source of most people's issues.


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You're blown @ghostminator :joy:

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For the integrity of the record:

I have flagged the post that I quoted and it is in Administrator and Moderator review.

The reasoning is as follows:

  • The member bears the title of Community Tech Support
  • The member has made more than one comment suggesting engaging in creation of malware and now in this thread, associating with the very creators of the malware that a Zorin OS user expressed safety concerns about.

Neither of the above demonstrate guilt on the part of the member. However, to associate oneself with the creators of the malware asked about in this very thread... This is quite serious.
It erodes trust in the forum users that the help here is on the level.
I assure you that the Community Tech Support title is earned by providing Helpful Solutions on the forum and it does not grant that titled member to any personal user information, I.P. address or exploitable data.

The user has been pulled aside to protect privacy to discuss this in greater detail.


I Suppose this was a horrible mistake and needs a lot of correction from my behalf. I assure you that I would not be participating/promoting such personnel/technology from now on.

Deleting wayward posts can be a fine thing. But sometimes, the integrity of the record must stand.
It is as important as you just said: Taking ownership of ones own mistakes.
I believe this post and the two preceding it should remain.

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Thank you for taking responsibility @anon6471198. It is not often that we have members stand up and accept their mistake. Many argue, dispute the record, even change it thinking that it will verify their deception. It's always refreshing to see members hold themselves accountable.

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