Thunderbird 32bit and add-ons

I have had Thunderbird 64bit on my Zorin 15 Core setup from the beginning. However, it does not seem to have Lightning included.
Also my experience of Thunderbird on another OS caused me to swapped over from 64bit to 32bit version of Thunderbird. The 32bit version has the add-ons that I need to replicate an Outlook environment with Calendar etc.

Is the Thunderbird listed in “Software” only the 64bit version I already have installed, or can the 32bit version be installed via this easy to use method?

BTW. I currently have Zorin 15.3 Core 64bit

OK. I have now been able to add Lightning to Thunderbird 64bit using Synaptic PM. That gets me a blank Calendar.
Now stuck trying to find out how to sync my Outlook Calendar as the two Extensions I use with Thunderbird 32bit on Win to achieve that seem elusive.

  1. Provider for Exchange ActiveSync
  2. TbSync

I do not use Thunderbird or MS, so I dunno if this page will be helpful or not:

Have you tried Evolution? That comes with a calendar by default and is the de-facto email client in Zorin.

Yes tried Evolution but looks ugly and also not simple to get Calendar sync to Outlook.
I am now looking at Davmail for DavCal to see if I can get that to work.

Can’t help the appearance but this article shows how to sync with Outlook Exchange Server:

Also one of the reasons why Zorin swapped Thunderbird for Evolution.

I am getting nowhere with Davmail trying to sync Calendar from Outlook.

My original question stands.
Is there an option to install 32bit version of Thunderbird that has wider choice of Extensions?

I would not be surprised if I get no answers as it seems an impossible task. I have been doing copious searching and reading and almost come to the conclusion that I will have to skip Calendar on Zorin and just use other devices.

OK, I’ve done it! I have used Lightning (64-bit) and used the additional extension, Owl for Exchange - the only annoying thing (but good!) is that it hoots when you get calendar, inbox notifications - something which Outlook Web Application cannot do … oo, er, someone might get me to return the second monitor! LOL!

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Whist I now have Lightning added to my Thunderbird, I can’t recall seeing any extension by the name of “Owl for Exchange”, I remember seeing very few extensions (maybe 2) listed in my Thunderbird 64bit. I will look again when I’m back at that machine.

I could not find “Owl for Exchange” listed so I searched for it and it appeared.
So then I thought, what if I search for the two extensions I already use successfully on the Win version of Thunderbird/Lightning? Bingo!
So I now have Thunderbird/Lightning set up with the following two additional extensions:

  1. Provider for Exchange ActiveSync
  2. TbSync
    After entering my Calendar account on TbSync and set to sync every 10mins. I now seem to have it all working exactly the same as on Windows. Except this is 64bit Thunderbird.
    I am a happy bunny.

Hate to shatter the dream - I noticed I could not set smtp - went to the extensions and found out it is only free for one month - then you have to pay! If that is ok with you then fine, but not for me - removed it. :wink:

Yes I noticed Owl was 1 month free trial only. But your answer steered me towards searching for the pair of Extensons I have found to work for Exchange Calendar sync. I do not use them for email, as Thunderbird seems to deal with Outlook IMAP and SMTP ok on its own.

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Glad you got sorted! I don’t think I could connect with OWA365! Liking your ‘Wot no…?’ avatar - you need to add ‘32-bits’. :smiley:

Nah, Should be “Wot no Windows”
I was thinking of Chad, from my early days in computing. Found some examples then decided to create my own using paint app this afternoon. :smiley:

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Cool! :grinning:

Just a small supplementary question:
Why doesn’t the normal Thunderbird (blue bird) icon appear on desktop or in Startup/Internet app list?
I have always had this generic email icon.
TB icon

How did you install Thunderbird? Did it come pre-installed, was it Flatpack, Snap or did you install from terminal / package manager?

From (Zorin) Software, but I don’t have any record of installing it, so was it part of 15Core maybe.
I remember Firefox was included as part of Core package.

I have just found this:
I may have a tinker, but is not critical.

No it’s not part of 15 Core. Zorin ships with Evolution. :wink:

The mozillazine link I posted above is from 2007 so not exactly current, but I have found the Thunderbird icons parked here:

I don’t know where the icon I have is being picked up from or where the proper TB icons should be placed to be used.

@swarfendor437 confirmed Evolution is mail client in the Core package.
Although I removed Evolution when I installed Thunderbird (via Software), I still have two Evolution folders:

Also synaptic indicates these Evolution left-overs from the software removal.
Is it safe to remove these two items using synaptic, or do they serve a purpose for the Z15Core package? (I need all the root space I can get)

PS: If mods want to split this thread (as original Calendar problem is solved and now different topic) then feel free e.g. “Thunderbird wrong icons”

I would see what comes back when you try to remove those packages in a terminal. In earlier versions of Gnome, Evolution calendar was embedded in the system - that’s how Gnome/Ubuntu got it’s date function in the clock! Try to remove Evolution Calendar and your system would disappear! Perhaps this is one for AZorin to answer? :wink:

Have you seen the security threat from Tesla Malware on Thunderbird? I posted it in Security News thread.