Thunderbird, enlarge texture

Is there a way to get the texture in Thunderbird to get larger? All emails, inbox etc are with really small text and hard to read. I tried to find a way to enlarge all texture but not sure where to find it. There are som options to enlarge text but not the way i want it.

Does anyone know if the new version of Thunderbird is on its way?

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Have you try looking for the Accessibilities tools in Gnome Settings?

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No i thought it would be in the Thunderbird settings. Will check.

Here be your Solution in one go;-

  1. Click on the 3 dashed lines on the top right hand corner of the screen.

  2. Select options.

  3. Now scroll down right to the bottom of the screen.

  4. Select config editor under indexing.

  5. Accept the risk.

  6. Search

  7. Change the string value by double clicking the box saying which is default -1.0.

  8. type 1.25 for atleast a 125 percent zoomin and simmilarly other percentages.

This is the Solution Through Settings :smiley:


It Works For Me :smiley:


I've stopped using Thunderbird as you can't remove Google search engine, unlike Firefox. I much prefer Evolution. For a lightweight mail client you might want to use Claws Mail/Sylpheed.

Thanks will try it this weekend.


I got the new Thunderbird today and tthe problem i had solved itself. The new layout with text is really nice.

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For me, under the burger menu, I don't see Options anywhere, therefor no config editor. I've used the Firefox about:config for many years.

Options may be called Preferences

Latest Thunderbird u can enlarge text.

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