Thunderbird filesystem access?!

Using zorin for a few days now the first big dislike after a lot of likes: I installed thunderbird from the “software” program (looks like an app store) and I cannot access most of the filesystem when working with attachments. I found out thunderbird is installed as “snap”, whatever that means in detail - google revealed, that snap uses some kind of sandboxing so the apps cannot access the filesystem correctly. What a stuipid idea for a mail client that needs to handle file attachments :confused:
Is there a way to allow thunderbird to access filesystem according to normal linux user/group access rights?

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I’m not at my machine to confirm but can you see if Thunderbird shows up in Synaptic and install from there? Installing packages using Synaptic Package Manager GUI

If you search “Thunderbird” in Software, you will find 2 items, One with *** is a Snap, the second with **** is not. That is the one you should have installed. I have no problems with that one.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Now I see the “normal” thunderbird is an older version and it complains my profile was modified by a newer version :confused:

I would be tempted to uninstall thunderbird using Synaptic Package Manager - if two entries show up, mark both for removal.
As for snap packages, well that’s a whole can of worms friend: