Thunderbird Mail

Was wondering why I still get Zorin updates for Thunderbird Mail after I deleted it a while back ..... I have never used TBM .....

Not sure what software center is showing but it could be a Debian, Snap, or Flatpak. I know in the past, on Ubuntu-proper, non-Debian versions of packages would not show up in the software center. You have to maybe go into the terminal and see a list of Snap or Flaptpak containerized urograms installed. That’s a possibility - not saying it is the problem.

Make sure that Thunderbird Mail is actually fully purged.

Preferred way:
sudoedit /var/lib/dpkg/status

- or -

Less-preferred way:
sudo gedit /var/lib/dpkg/status

Search for  Thunderbird . Let's say you find packages named  thunderbird-core  and  lib-thunderbird .

You'd issue:
sudo apt purge -s thunderbird-core lib-thunderbird

That'll print out what other packages will be removed due to dependencies... if you see any that says Zorin or reference any core components of the OS, it's likely not a good idea to actually do the purge.

If all looks good:
sudo apt purge thunderbird-core lib-thunderbird
... (note the removal of the -s (simulate) flag) to actually purge the package(s).

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I ran the above and got this from the terminal ...... looks like it is a dependency package ......

The command:
sudoedit /var/lib/dpkg/status
... is just a shortcut way of opening gedit (Gnome Editor) as sudo. Usually nano opens, but I find nano to be hard to use.

You'll have to add this:

# Edit files by using sudoedit {/path/file}
export SUDO_EDITOR='/usr/bin/gedit -w'

... to your /home/$USER/.bashrc file.

Yours started nano... scroll down, you've likely got about 33,000 lines below what's showing on the screen (hence you want to use the search function, hence you want to use gedit rather than nano).

The /var/lib/dpkg/status file is the list of all your installed packages.

Search through the list for  deinstall , and purge any packages that show that status... that means they've been uninstalled, but there are still files on the machine from that package. Purging will get rid of everything from that package.

For fonts that are purged, sometimes it glitches and won't remove the folder (under /usr/share/fonts) after completely removing all the fonts in a given package, because there's a .uuid file remaining. You can safely delete the .uuid file and the now-empty font folder.

Here's the only fonts I've got installed:

Package: fonts-comic-relief-zorin-os
Package: fonts-croscore
Package: fonts-croscore-config-zorin-os
Package: fonts-crosextra-caladea
Package: fonts-crosextra-carlito
Package: fonts-dejavu-core
Package: fonts-droid-fallback
Package: fonts-freefont-ttf
Package: fonts-gelasio-zorin-os
Package: fonts-inter
Package: fonts-inter-zorin-os
Package: fonts-jetbrains-mono-zorin-os
Package: fonts-liberation
Package: fonts-michroma-zorin-os
Package: fonts-noto-color-emoji
Package: fonts-open-sans
Package: fonts-opendyslexic
Package: fonts-roboto
Package: fonts-roboto-mono-zorin-os
Package: fonts-roboto-unhinted
Package: fonts-sans-forgetica-zorin-os
Package: fonts-selawik-zorin-os
Package: fonts-space-grotesk-zorin-os
Package: fonts-tiresias
Package: fonts-ubuntu
Package: fonts-urw-base35
Package: fonts-zorin-os-core

... all the rest (fonts for languages other than English, which I'll never use) have been purged. The above cannot be purged without ripping out huge chunks of the OS due to dependencies.

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