Thunderbird Supernova

I'm using Zorin Lite latest version.
I noticed that Thunderbird is still on version 1:102.13.0+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 from stable channel while version 115.1.0 Supernova is avaiable on flathub.

How to I upgrade the version on ubuntu channel to the latest build?
Do I uninstall the version I use now and install the latest flathub one?

I don't want to reconfigure everything again after a fresh install from other source.

Why isn't Supernova being pushed out on normal system updates?


Supernova is quite new and if you check the bug reports- they are telling.
This is true for most apps. Generally, latest releases are reserved for non-LTS or Rolling distros.
This makes a lot of sense when you think about it. No one is going to want to push all the unstable packages into the stable repositories.

You can install Supernova as a Flatpak safely. I recommend, that it being Thunderbird, you also install Flatseal if you have not done so already. Flatseal can allow Flatpak packages critical access to system components.

You do not need to remove the existing Thunderbird app since Flatpak is containerized.
But you may want to remove its desktop entry to avoid confusion as to which version you are launching.
Or you can remove it safely with

sudo apt remove thunderbird

if you prefer to remove it.

If you install the Flatpak Thunderbird Supernova - you will most likely have to configure it to your specs. I know of no way around that.


Thank you for your answer.

I dualboot this same machine with manjaro xfce and have tb supernova and it's working fine. Didnt have to do a thing.

I guess I have to wait for a future release for LTS then...
I would install the Flatpak but don't want to go with all the config trouble again...
This current version on Zorin is working good too.

You may be able to find and copy the configuration file that stores your settings, if they place all of them in one file. This would allow you to easily switch between flatpak and apt versions of TB.

Under your home directory you should have a .thunderbird directory, visible in nautilus by pressing Ctrl + h. This shows hidden files. All of your account and configuration files are here according to Backup thunderbird using Ubuntu - Ask Ubuntu.

Flatpak may use them, but will most likely need them copied to the flatpak/thunderbird directory (this will require root privileges by sudo). Either way, you can safely try this out if you choose.


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