Timeline for RX 7800 XT support

Hello everyone,

I bought the graphics card described above for newer games.

Currently I cannot adjust the screen and everything runs via llvmpipe.

I was able to see from the following website that a new kernel and mesa version are probably required to run the graphics card:

In the currently used Zorin Core 16.3 standard version, the Linux kernel 5.15.0-88-generic and the mesa version 21.2.6 are currently used.

According to the article, a Linux kernel 6.3+ and mesa version 23.1+ are required.

Is there a known timetable for when the Linux kernel and the mesa version will be upgraded to the level required for the graphics card?

The article also indicates that new drivers will be rolled out by AMD for Ubuntu 22.04.3 TLS. However, no timeline is given here either.

Do any of you know whether this will be rolled out soon?

Many thanks in advance.

You can try the tuxinvader 6.3 kernel...

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tuxinvader/lts-mainline

sudo apt update && sudo apt install linux-generic-6.03

But I suspect that given your newer hardware, you will need to wait for Zorin OS 17, expected released by the end of this year.

Thank you for the fast reply.
In that case I will wait, as I have previously damaged my system by trying to install the newest AMD drivers.
Sometime this year is a time frame acceptable for me.

It is not a given, that (community)support is that fast and good.
Many thanks for the quick help and a good day to you.

Well, at least we got something right.

I usually prefer to attempt troubleshooting. But it seems we are in that thin and narrow wedge where the next release of Zorin OS looms and hardware is being released that needs newer drivers.
I like to not use that as the easy out when ever possible. Which is a bit frustrating that lately, it seems to be the conclusion we reach more and more often.

For the majority of users, Zorin OS 16 will remain viable, supported and long term stable for several more years. But for those in coding or who have the latest hardware, we end up having to Rock-Hop swiftly to stay ahead of the current.

Is the 7800XT supported in Zorin 17 now?
I've been having big issues with intermittent black screens. I've tried installing kisak ppa, new kernal (6.6.5), latest firmware ect but still getting issues.

Not sure if this is relevant, but Zorin 17 says by GPU is NAVI32 (radeonsi, navi32, LLVM 15.0.7, DRM 3.54, 6.6.5-060605-generic), whereas the new Solus release correctly identifies the model, and it just states: 7800 XT


Kernel is 6.2 and choose 6.6 have error of glib version.

I hope Zorinwith 6.6.x lts but I think it is a dream ...

You can get 6.6.x via this ppa: Jammy LTS Mainline Kernels : TuxInvader

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Today, you have kernel update to 6.5

i just want to report that currently the safest bet for this video card is the kernel that comes with zorin OS 17, 6.2.0-39

i have tried several other versions but i have had no success, and amdgpu-pro is not helpful, it actually lowers performance for gaming

i'm very interested to learn about other kernel builds that people have found to be working with this card that actually make an improvement

in the last two years i have had some abysmal experiences with linux kernel 6 and AMD discrete GPUs, literally almost every kernel version i tried for some time other than 5.15 would result in a black screen

oh yes, and i would also like to report a bug regarding this

the zorin OS 17 installer automatically upgrades to some 6.5 version and gives you black screen of course

if you have this video card, use the installer with your network disconnected, and remove all the non-versioned packages that start with 'linux' - mostly HWE kernel versions, these pull in the bogus non-working versions

zorin 17 was the first live CD i found that actually booted on with this video card without either black screen or llvmpipe