Timeshift Backing Up to System Drive


I am trying to back up via Timeshift, solely to my 128GB USB pen drive.

For some reason, it appears that the backup is also creating copies on my system drive as well, even though I don't have this option selected.

This screenshot should explain what I'm trying to say:

  • Top left: system drive (not where I want my backups to be)
  • Top right: 128GB USB pen drive (this is where I want them to be)
  • Bottom: Timeshift settings

Thank you.

Hi, How is your USB formatted? What file system is it formatted to?

It looks like timeshift is making a local copy (like a temp copy) prior to transferring to the usb. If you log out, or restart, does the files persist? It is odd that the files are being created on the usb while making local copies.

Could timeshift be confused a bit since there is a space in the destination label? Technically it is copying to "Zorin" in both locations. Try modifying the usb name to include a hyphen instead of a space, then modify the configuration for timeshift accordingly.

Spaces are never simply accepted in Linux.

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