Timeshift Backups

Is it not possible to take Timeshift snapshots and store them in a directory instead of a partition? Later I want to push the snapshots to my Google Drive, and fetch them when I need to restore my snapshot.


I don't think saving shapshots to Google Drive would work. Timeshift needs to save to a formatted partition with Ext4 fs. I recently attempted to move my snapshots from a failing drive's /home directory to an external drive only to discover it would not do it as the External drive (Wester Digital Elements 4Tb) was pre-formatted to NTFS! So I doubt your Google Drive would Support Ext4!

I can confirm that Google Drive does not support ext4. Google has commented publicly that there are no plans to extend support in the past.
Dropbox has also dropped support for ext4.
However, Pcloud supports ext4.

How about I zip the timeshift directory and upload to google drive?

If you don't mind, can you please check this post as well advise me on that?

It is risky. Is Pclouds free service too small?

Pcloud last time I used it was 6 Gb. Would be curious to find out if murena.io supports Ext4. They offer 1Gb free and one @e.email asdress. I upgraded to 20 Gb for a little over £16 for the year.

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