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Zorin os 17 pro

How do i delete timeshift folder. It is unnecessary occupying too much space (8 gb in my case). Inspite of removing Timeshift application, how can it still auto- backup...this is crazy. Also the permission is denied for the folder, with a statement "you are not the owner......."... Ofcourse i am the owner of my system and as a owner I have the right to delete any folder which occupies unnecessary space.

I don't need timeshift. I can do my manual backup when required....
so pls tell me how to delete timeshift folder completely..& secondly, it should not take auto-backup unless i permit it...

Would appreciate your immediate response.


I have timeshift working Ok for me and I used BTRFS since I did a fresh installation of Zorin 17 just to see if BTRFS is any better. (So far I have not noticed any difference better or worse.) Usually, removing via the GUI is relatively easy. Anyway, try out what the Ubuntu forums says since Zorin 17 is based on the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, their suggestions may work but keep in mind their suggestions are for Ubuntu 20.04 but it should be close enough. Good luck.

Hi, and welcome.

As per the documentation, Timeshift will not remove the snapshots it has taken when you uninstall it. You must explicitly do so before. I'd suggest to quickly re-install Timeshift, follow the steps outlined in the link above and then uninstall it again.

The snapshots are stored in a location with restricted access to regular users for security reasons. The entire Linux file system hierarchy works in this way to compartmentalize file access between users to enhance security. This also works in favor of the user by preventing accidental deletion of important files.
You can override this but it must be done explicitly. Please take a look at this thread for more details:

Needless to say, be careful with what you do in that case. While a bit more tedious, I'd strongly recommend you follow the method recommended by the application developers.

I'm not very familiar Timeshift as I don't use it myself, but you can set it up that way as well. Once you launch it, uncheck all scheduled options and only use it at your leisure. Please see the linked documentation page above for more details.

When on a BTRFS filesystem, Timeshift will leverage its features to make backups much more efficiently since this is an operation supported at the filesystem level. On EXT4 (the default on ZorinOS) it will use rsync which can do the same things, but at an application level and thus taking more space and making the process slower.

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