Tinny audio

I dual-boot between Windows 10 and Zorin Linux 16.2. I love Zorin. It is fast, clean, easy to use, reliable. It's just great...

Except with audio.

Audio in Windows sounds great, but when I switch over to Zorin the audio has a high pitch "tinny" sound to it.

To be fair, this is not just a Zorin issue. Basically every distro I've tried (Ubuntu, Mint, Deepin, and others), on every desktop and laptop I've had, have the exact same issue.

Audio in Linux just doesn't sound good.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Is there a way to make it sound better?

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sudo apt install pulseeffects

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Back to square one! Is this a desktop or notebook? Having a 5.1 Surround sound SoundBlaster and Logitech surround sound system, no such issues and I use ALSA over Pulse Audio - a much better experience - but I am running Devuan 3.1.1 not Zorin! :wink:

We've even got auto-tune!

sudo apt install autotalent


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