TIP: when using Kernels 6.1.xxxxx Zorin 16.2 Gnome freezes SOLUTION

when you have installed via Mainline a Kernel 6.1. -series it occurs that when the computer, laptop is unattended for a little while, the entire desktop-enviroment freezes: no Keyboard, no Touchpad, no mouse movement on screen, Mousepointer is dead.

Tracing back and debugging with the Arch - methods I managed to stumble upon a setting that is 'enabled' in one section, and disabled in your configuration setting 'disabled'. That brings the hooks of the D-E into the loaded Kernel in a non-state with a total dramatic freeze as result.
I spare you all the technical details of terminal output and some config files.


Go to Settings / Energy - section
You see 2 settings that are the 'buggy' options with hooks in the kernel.
Set Black Screen -option to a different type of setting by altering the time-interval or deselect the 'Never' option for a time-interval.
Same you do on the DIM-screen option : enable it (or disable it )

Test now your D-E with the altered settings: you should not have any problems here !!!
Log back in and open the Setting / Energy options and set the Black Screen option again to your preference, the same you do with the DIM-options.

Now unexpected freezing of the D-E on Kernel 6.1.xxx should be gone, you should have now a perfect working laptop, notebook, computer.

This little workaround with minor impact, resets the hooks on the Kernel so the Kernel interpretes state and non-state correctly.
I am sure that it is a Gnome 3.38 and Gnome 42.xx BUG .... tested it as well on a Ubuntu 22.10 -- fresh install/ Kernel Mainline 6.1.7 - 6001702 installed. (Same as Zorin b.t.w. )
Cheers !

UPDATE 31 jan. 2023: an update of Gnome Core solved the problem in Zorin.
tested again, on multiple scenario's : problem is solved (by the Gnome Team ) .
So newer kernels will work fine on Zorin 16.2