Tips to try for first-time Zorin user

Assalamu Alaikum. Hi, I'm Tehzeeb. Just a few weeks ago, I installed Zorin OS 16.3 alongside Tiny11 (Windows 11) on my parents' old laptop. I was curious and interested in Zorin for a long time. I liked it, cuz it was very fast. So, I decided to clean install Zorin OS.

I tried Zorin OS on a VM previously, but it was way better on a real hardware. As a first-time Zorin user, I would like to know some tips and tricks to make my Zorin OS experience even better. Let me know. Also, this is my first post in the Forum, which is being posted from the laptop I mentioned earlier. Thanks!

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Welcome to the Forum.
I have moved your (first) post to the "Chat about Zorin" section, as it is not a "Tutorial" item, but seeking advice.
One of our members (Swarfendor) is creating a Unofficial Manual for Z17, which will contain much useful information for new user like yourself. I will provide a link to his thread, although he maybe still working on the document.

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Thanks a lot for your kind information. Sorry for my misunderstanding. I'll edit it. Assalamu Alaikum.

Make it easy on yourself from the start...

That's the method of pre-listing all the terminal commands you normally use, along with descriptive text for each command so as you scroll through the list of available commands, you can see what each one does without having to remember what each one does.


I have completed all the essential elements for Z17 just transferring some elements from the Unofficial Manual for Zorin 15 Core. I was hoping to include a section on Extensions, in particular User Themes which does not appear to work, even when installing for Gnome 45, I may add Plasma as an addendum as adding Plasma themes can also be utilised in the Other tab of Theme in Zorin Appearance.


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