To Conky or not to Conky?

I am running Zorin 16 Pro, and just love it. I have been thinking about trying Conky but have not been able to see anything in Google search results about setting Conky up on Zorin.

Is Conky an OK thing to try on Zorin or is it something that is just going to cause me problems and should be avoided?

Regards ... Tim.

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I love conky.

It is a HUD that occupies a portion of the Desktop, but runs in the background so that it never interferes with your desktop management or Windows (Though on XFCE, you can make them clickable windows if you want.)
They are extremely useful for real-time monitoring of processes, temps, time, weather or anything else.

To Install:

sudo apt install conky-all

You may want to get Conky manager:

Conky Scripts can be resource files or Lua.
You can make your own, customize an existing one or use an existing one as is.


Thank you very much for responding. I'll give that a try.

Regards ... Tim.

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When I was using Arch I customize everything but I got lazy so I just use default setup now with Zorin.

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