To install or not to install low-latency kernel?

Hello folks, I currently run Zorin Core 16.1 and kernel version 5.13.0-40 is installed. I am wondering whether I should be using the low-latency kernel or not. I don't do any heavy A/V work or editing work, but I use virtual machines a lot. If I should use the low-latency kernel, please also give me instructions to install it the right way, without breaking my installation.

Thanks in advance.

Using Virtual Box, as an example, would actually be a good reason to not use a Low Latency kernel. The low latency kernel must be patched in order to run V.B., and that also must be installed with DKMS.
If you do not need the Low Latency kernel for sound and video editing, then you are better off using the generic kernel for better performance and less patching.

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