Tomtom on Boxes

Not a request for help or a tutorial, just a short guide to avoid any pitfalls, but some others might find it useful.

I now have my old tomtom go updating and working through boxes.
1- Downloaded a microsoft win 10 ISO
2- I installed an older version of boxes through the software centre, as I do not want flatpaks or snaps, I've disabled snap from ever being able to install (even accidentally). the version I installed was 3.36.5- stable.

3- installed win 10 ISO on boxes (i used express install as i had an activation key)
4- from within the win 10 box, i downloaded and installed tomtom my drive connect.
5- I couldn't get the tomtom device to show on the USB so I closed win 10, closed boxes and rebooted Zorin with the tomtom plugged in and powered up. (rebooting zorin was probably unnecessary, might have just needed to reopen boxes/ win 10)
6- opened boxes / win10, and made win 10 box full screen within boxes window.
7- 3 vertical dots menu (right hand side side of title bar) select properties, then devices and shares, where I could now enable the USB port the tomtom was plugged into.
8- Open tomtom connect and the tomtom was connected.
downloaded map update and installed correctly on the tomtom.
9- the end

Note boxes is very easy to use and set up, not like virtual box or vm manager. I think if I wish to check out other linux distro's I'll be creating them in boxes.

If I can I will also close this topic as it is fully working,
I just noticed that I can't mark this a solution as well. Hopefully someone will reply and I can close this with their reply as a solution!

I have moved this to Tutorials and Guides as that is the best fit for category. You have contributed a guide that others can follow.

Instead of boxes I had better results using VirtualBox.

Boxes is much easier to set up than VirtualBox, but yes I expect VirtualBox would be better if you wanted to spend the time learning how to set it up and of course it has many more features but I just wanted my tomtom to be able to download new maps and it done that fine.

If I get more time then I will investigate VirtualBox but for now I'll stick to Boxes, simple and works for me.

Did you have problem with tomtom my drive connect not working on boxes or was it something else?
note it was version 3.36.5-stable (I will edit the initial post to state version) and not the new version as that is only available on flatpak, which I won't use if I can help it.

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