Tool in linux for multiboot USB?

There are more tools in windows for multiboot USB, I used WinSetupFromUSB in windows. are there tools in Linux for multiboot USB?

I use Multisystem:


good, but it can't recognize my USB storage, mobile storage 2.5:external enclosure, other boot tools can recognize it.

Ventoy. The web interface is a nice change (includes a server to host it locally in order to configure) updates are simple and it handles any bootable iso. See top x+1 things to do after installing zorin 16 in the tutorials category.


this is very good information to know. but the windows tool that I talked about above, doesn't do format to my USB and makes me add any img iso to it without format, and that is a very good feature because I'm using a USB with 180 Giga, I have other files on it, I don't want to lose them.

Ventoy does the same.

Initially all of them require format. After that you can add as many os iso's and other files as you wish (till it's full).

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  • The problem is that my USB is NTFS and at the same time I don't want to lose data on it.

  • I can use unetbootin app to write iso img to disk without format in the initial use of it(I tried it with win.iso it was completed write and worked, also linux.iso it was completed write but not worked because NTFS)

  • so I solved that, I have divided my USB into two partitions without losing my data. and I format the second free partition of them as fat32. and I used it in burn iso img on it using unetbootin app,but I think it can't do multiboot.
    UNetbootin problems - And how to overcome them

MultiSystem also produced a live DVD iso based on ubuntu 16.04 on SourceForge:

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Almost any of the Multiboot software will require you to format as fat32 to load them. Temporarily store your iso's and files on the hard drive. Format the key with whichever multiboot software you want to use, then move them back by the procedure for that software. It shouldn't take all that long (depending on your hardware and the size of the iso's). Once it's setup you will be happier, but anything worth doing is going to take time.

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With the DVD iso (not tried it) you could potentially put the isos on the hard drive and point the live DVD to run it but not sure if that is possible due to hdd permissions!

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