Tool to read hashes from a iso file?

Does anyone know how i can read the hashes from a iso file in linux ? In windows i had a sha256 checksum tool but under linux i have nothing yet.



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If you don't want to install anything, you can use this site:

You can change for other options there.

This has a drawback, though. Since it's made through internet, it takes a bit longer, due to file information being transmitted to the site. It's slower than doing it in your local SSD/HDD.

sha256sum is an actual command. Using it from the terminal on the iso file will give the checksum.
sha256sum Zorin-OS-16-Core-64-bit-r1.iso


@Topaz, thanks alot for that one. Will try and test that one. Didnt know about it.

Since people have listed various software that checks the hash, its also worthy to mention KDE Dolphin. It's a file browser like Nautilus but it has a built in hash checker. You can find it by right clicking on a file and clicking on the Properties option.

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Thats the same thing i had in windows, thanks @anon37206250

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