"TOPAZ not supported in kfd"


After using Zorin for the past few months on VM and dual boot, I finally decided to burn the bridge, and install it bare metal (?) on my primary.. Lenovo Ideapad 330. Installation went fine, everything worked. Installed all apps and set everything else up.

And then this happened:

Restarted, logo and zorin screen appeared, grub screen (?) appeared, but then it's stuck at "TOPAZ not supported in kfd".

I tried restarting, and I also set the BIOS to default. Same result. I did some googling but it seems beyond my comprehension, as I'm new to Linux. It might be a conflict with the AMD GPU of some sort?

I read a suggestion to "update BIOS", and I.. don't know how to do that, as all BIOS seem different and even the Lenovo help site uses a different BIOS than mine.

I've installed Zorin as a single OS on a 7 year old ASUS before, and it works fine. So safe to assume its a hardware conflict with my primary Lenovo.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I should add that I've been using Windows and Zorin in Dual Boot on this Lenovo laptop for the past few months, and never encountered this issue before. This only happened after I installed it as a single OS (use the entire disk).

So not sure how valid my theory on "hardware conflict" is. :slight_smile:

Topaz is an AMD GPU correct and that is the issue

Please run sudo lshw -c video

and give a screenshot

And give a system specs please

From what i read it's a bios issue. You can go here, put in your model and get the latest bios. Don't download the Microsoft variant. Usually, in the bios there is a utility to upgrade it. Otherwise a quick search of "how to update the bios for lenovo IdeaPad 330" will give you what you need.

I'd advise doing the search... the bios isn't one to not know and just try. Make sure you don't interrupt it, no matter how long it takes.

If you cannot find a Linux version of BIOS upgrade utility, you can temporally install Windows and update the BIOS from there. There is 3 days of grace period, so the activation of Windows is not necessary.

There is normally an archive with all the necessary files.... depends on the vendor.

Not for my Acer. It offers Windows update utility only.
I hope Lenovo gives a better Linux support.

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You can use an archive manager to "unzip" the exe and access the contents... this shouldn't be done lightly though.

I've had some fun in the past, bypassing installation security this way... they fixed it over a decade ago though. It was ms and I'm not interested in giving them all my money. Guys got to live.

I think a temporal installation of Windows is safer.
The ISO image can be downloaded at MS site.

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I've decided reinstall Windows (currently reformatting the drive to NTFS), and go back to dual boot with Zorin as the primary (in boot priority and drive allocation). I appreciate all the suggestions, but most seem rather advanced for me. Its too bad, as I was looking forward to going Full Zorin on my primary machine.
Keeping my fingers crossed, hopefully not further issues. Will update how it goes. Thanks again!


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