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I just recently had problems with my fresh install of Zorin 16 after I tried to install the above VPN which I had been using over the past several years on my Zorin 15 computer. There is an additional download to this VPN called Wireguard which I also had been using but upon trying to install that my computer would not connect to the internet anymore and I reloaded the OS. This VPN is only running when you turn it on as I do prior to doing things where I need a VPN.
So right now I am back to where I have Zorin functioning and connecting to the internet (BTW I am not using WiFi) and was hoping someone could suggest an approach that might prevent the occurrence described from happening again. I have a years subscription to TorGuard so don't want to use another product. I have contacted their help desk but without more specifics they can't do much, at least not yet.

I was trying to look for a solution, and discovered this disturbing story!:

I did find this:

Have you checked that the package is not for Jammy Jellyfish? (Ubuntu 22.04) - The package you need should match Focal Fossa (Ubuntu 20.04) on which Zorin 16 is based - I am also wondering if it is not installing because it does not recognise the OS name of Zorin - perhaps if you altered the ID of your installation to Ubuntu, it might install, then revert back to Zorin after installation. I did post something about how to do this, but forgotten how you do it (getting old!)

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If it's not a paid VPN, you could give Rise Up a shot. That's the one I've been using for a while now, and it's free - maintained by donations but, free. It will auto-pick a location to source but, you can manually set that. Montreal has the fastest connection, for me. I'm sure it'll be different for other users though.

In the Software Center as well!

TorGuard direct me to this link
I selected the first one dealing with Linux. It loaded without problem and I have used this service since Zorin 15 was introduced. The Wireguard feature was brought out 2-3 years ago.

I have used this service for years and do pay for it. In the case of using it with Zorin I only activate if when dloading torrents. On my TV using Amazon fire stick I use it to stream IPTV channels. Currently I only had a problem with the Zorin application. I am goind to dload it again bit was putting the problem out to the public incase there were some solutions

Gotcha - having not used it before, I'd say most likely a settings / permissions issue. But, can't say for sure.

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