Torrents seem much faster in Zorin than Windows

IIRC, with uTorrent in Windows I was getting 2M/s and with Deluge in Zorin it's 10M/s.

Can't say. I haven't used torrents in years. But it may be settings issue.

Depending on how your windows is configured, it may be sharing all of that info with Microsoft which will eat bandwidth. If you do anything else while downloading torrents, or windows update takes it as an idle moment and checks for updates at that time, this can also degrade the speeds.

It also has much to do with where you are in relation to the seed. The torrent you choose may only be 15 hops away whereas the one that took longer was 25+.

A hop is the number of routers it must pass through to connect. Your home network would be 1 hop (one router) most of the time (possibly two if there is a smart switch in the router). It's possible that you will hit 3 to 5 just to get out of your isp's network. The more routers that have to process the request (what is sent) the slower the speed, regardless of what it is.

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