Total lock up

Twice this morning a total freeze. Just hope I can finish this message before it does it again. I have Vivaldi browser open and all of a sudden mouse cursor doesn't move and everything else is dead in the water. Can't shut down, log out; nothing. I have to use power button for hard shut down and start over. Oh yeah Zorin 17 Pro.

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Seems a hacking attempt to me if you have no tab that is supposed to take control over your mouse (like online 3D shooting games for example) and your hard drive is fine. You may want to check the S.M.A.R.T. check to exclude a failing hard drive. A small test that I suggest you to do when you use Vivaldi is disabling your internet connection (enable even flight mode if you want more offline power :smile:), if someone is trying to hack your computer you may notice that you retake full control once you go offline. Unless you have a virus installed :grimacing:.

Or do a memtest on your RAM and check for a memory leak.
Memory Leak is the first thing I would consider.

This sounds like a Gnome-Shell freeze, to me.
Gnome Shell freezes can be caused by mem-leaks, a RAM issue or even by certain extensions.

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How much RAM and swap space do you have, and are you running out of memory? That's the first thing to check.

Next, boot the Zorin OS boot USB stick, then check all your hard drives for errors.

Then test your memory.

It's most likely one of those, but if you've recently updated Vivaldi, it may be a programming or installation error that's crashing everything... so reboot into Zorin OS, uninstall and purge Vivaldi and reinstall it.

I admit, the massive Memory Leaks in Vivaldi is why I stopped using it entirely and won't even consider using it in the future. I Love Vivaldi for hat it offers, but have had it freeze or crash almost every computer I have put it on.
I have given it second, third and forth chances. It won't get a fifth.

Dell Laptop: 2/25/17: Inspiron 15-5578: 16GB RAM. I just replaced the 500GB SSD with a 1TB Crucial SSD. Lots of room. I've given up for the day on Zorin and switched over to Mint and using the same browser see what happens here. My last lock up happened playing Freecell solitaire. I did a memtest a few days ago abd all was fine.

Have you noticed if these freezes occur during particular activities or when certain applications are running? It might be worth checking if there are any system logs or error messages that could provide insight into the cause of these lockups. Additionally, ensuring that your system's drivers and software are up to date might help alleviate these freezing issues.

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