Touch sensor controls and auto pause-play feature not working with Sony WH-1000XM4 Bluetooth Headphones

Hi Zorin Forum members:

This is my first topic. I decide to compose this because i did not find clear and precise information on how to solve these problems if they can be solved and I think this topic would help many people.

I come from Windows and i decide to test linux and Zorin OS was my first and actual linux distribution in use.

The main problem I have is the auto pause feature when I remove the headphones from my head does not work. So neither when I put them back where the playback should continue.

As well as the operation of the touch panel to increase or decrease volume or change the song.

Another problem I am having is that having the headphones turned on when restarting the PC, it is heard that the bluetooth connection is lost obviously due to the restart of the computer, but when the session is started again, the connection is not restored as if it did in Windows.

Thank you very much in advance and I hope someone gives me a hand

Many hardware developers focus on Windows. I am not sure on this one... For me, I just pause the video if I need to remove headphones.

Are you referring to Touch Gestures?
You may need to install and configure Touché application.

I use blueman on Zorin OS and never have this problem. You might install it and test it:

sudo apt install blueman

Or check your Wifi Driver.

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Are you using Blueman with my headphones(Sony wh-1000xm4)? are you having enabled LDAC with that?

My headphones are Avantree, but your best bet is to Test It on your headphones and see how it works.


In order to use headphone touch controls with Linux you will probably have to find and download a Linux ported version of the software. My galaxy buds has no controls in Linux, any distro, until i came across a github which someone ported from the android and windows applications. Maybe you'll get lucky, sony is popular enough... otherwise you may want to ask Santa for the software.


Well, thx for your answers guys. Maybe no is possible.
Also i havent battery level in power setting window. Maybe linux need more work with Bluetooth device support. Sad moment.

It's not a Linux thing. This is because not enough people contact the manufacturer insisting in Linux capable drivers. Instead Linux users are required to port their own drivers from windows versions... not an easy task and requires trial and error. My hat off to anyone who does this... I'm learning programming and am far from able to yet.


At least im using LDAC codec and for now im happy with that

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