Touchpad cursor sensitivity on login screen

I noticed that the touchpad cursor sensitivity on the login screen is lower (or default) than what I set, is this intentional? It's not very important but maybe a configuration file or part of it that's not loaded.

It's probably because your user settings haven't been loaded. I'm not sure if it may be related to this other issue, if you want to give it a try:

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Yeah, that's what I though, too, probably it's simply this and it's intended :grin:.

No, sorry, that's about click, in my case it's a lower movement sensitivity than what I have once I log in :smile:.

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I've found the same. It's mildly irritating, especially on multi-monitor setups.

Is there a way of setting a global default that is used prior to user settings being loaded?

The marked solution on the link shared above uses gsettings while under the gdm account (gdm is the login manager). That thread asks about the click-to-tap functionality, but if there's a setting that controls the sensitivity it may just work the same way.

Otherwise I've also found this: