Touchpad doesn't work

Hi, I have installed zorin os in my laptop. I find that my touchpad not working at all.

I use zorin os 15 and my laptop is chuwi laptop pro 14"


Do you have touchpad synaptics installed?

sudo apt install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics

I already installed it and I have restarted the pc and it still does not work

Here is a guide that may help you get touchpad working:

Make sure that your touchpad is actually enabled. Keep in mind, this screenshot is taken from OS 16, I have never used OS 15, but I would assume, its more or less the same, in regards to these settings.

Go to settings, mouse and touchpad, and make sure you have touchpad enabled...

I checked the settings. everything is fine

I did every step and still no response from the touchpad

Did you check the BIOS settings?

could you tell me how?

It varies by computer manufacturer.
The common methods are:
Try pressing F2, Del, or a similar key as soon as you turn it on. If this loads a BIOS Settings or Configuration screen, look for an entry called Internal Pointing Device, Touchpad, Trackpad, or similar. This may be under an Advanced heading.

Make sure it's not disabled.

Thanks. I already checked and it is enabled

and there are still problems

Well, you are not alone on that Notebook:

Both of the below offer potential solutions:

I have found a solution that works for me using Manjaro, It may sound silly but using the touchpad during boot up by pressing the buttons and touching it seems to make it discoverable during the boot process. after doing that it works fine.

Oh I like that plan already, tickle the touchpad, make it come alive. Well, if that works, its perhaps not the best solution, but is a solution none the less.

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