Touchpad Gesture to SHOW ALL WINDOWS


I’ve been dabbling with Linux on and off for years. I’m finally interested (compelled?) to go full time on one mini PC I have. I gave Ubuntu Mate a shot and it’s almost all I need.

But I’m trying Zorin because it appears to have two features I want. They’re sort of one feature combined.

In the lower left hand corner of the panel there’s a button which reveals all open windows. What I want is a way to trigger that button with a touchpad gesture. Is this possible & easy?

If not – at least – what is the keystroke combination?

Thanks in advance for any and all help,


I use Cinnamon Desktop on Zorin and this feature comes with the desktop working out of the box.

With Zorin Core which uses Gnome, you would need to install it, I think.
You can do so with:

sudo apt-get install libinput-tools

sudo apt-get install xdotool

sudo apt install ruby

sudo gem install fusuma

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Yeah. This is the wall I keep hitting. I’ll consider.

But hey – is there a key command in Zorin right now to show all those open windows?

May or may not be what you want: Settings -> Appearance -> Zorin Appearance -> Panel -> Turn on Show Activities button.
A little square appears on the taskbar, when you click on it, it shows all windows.

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I’m aware of that. I seek an easy way to trigger it. Three fingers up on a touchpad, for instance.

You can use Super+S for the keyboard shortcut (you can change the shortcut at Settings -> Devices -> Keyboard).

Update: Just saw this too Feature suggestion ( touchpad gestures ) in case it is relevant/of interest.

Hi, I thought I had submitted a post about Gnome-shell extensions that have Gestures on there - one rquires you to login on Zorin on Wayland to work - worth taking a look:

Getting old! Was thinking of this reply:

If I tried using gestures on my computer, it would shut down and refuse to ever boot up, again.


But that would have to be if that other OS was on it, no? :rofl:


Just to add, my first introduction to Linux was Knoppix - When I ran it live it listed that Other OS as “Other OS” - probably the best description - perhaps Linux Grub should start referring to dual-boot systems as ‘OtherOS’ with only Linux distributions being acknowledged by their correct name! :wink:

Oh and perhaps we need to change the title of this thread to:
Touchpad Gesture to SHOW ALL APERTURES! :rofl:

Someone mentioned Aravisian liking GnomeOS. I’m having trouble recalling who it was.

I discovered… quite by accident… that the ‘Windows’ button on my Logitech Wireless keyboard shows all windows. Problem accidentally solved!

Thanks one and all. I appreciate your time.

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