Touchpad stops dragging when extra pressure applied

touchpad stops dragging when extra pressure is applied MacBook Pro 2012 and I tried a bunch of stuff to fix it

As we were not there to witness what you tried, can you detail the "fixes" that didn't work?

Did you remove or change back what you added/modified when they didn't resolve the issue?

Would you mind sharing your machine specs as well (gpu, cpu...)?

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Are you using Wayland or X? If Wayland, try switching to X - and vice versa. Saw that on some posts on other forums, kinda dated though..

I've tried the xserver one and I can't figure out the AttrPalmSizeThreshold

If I'm not mistaken, that would be the recognition of the amount of your palm on the pad prior to it either canceling action or performing an action.

What is the default value?