Touchpad Toggle

Hi, I could turn off my touchpad by pressing F6, and then the touchpad turns off. However, on startup, the touchpad is set to on automatically. I again have to press F6 to turn off my touchpad. I don’t want to disable it entirely. I just want to turn the touchpad on when necessary just by pressing F6 again. What do I do?

BTW, mine is a Lenovo Z50-70 laptop.

Whilst you don’t have a ‘non-working’ issue, does the suggestion posted here help?

If you have gnome-tweaks (Tweaks) installed try adding this extension:

No. My touchpad is working fine. I just want to somehow store the on/off state of touchpad across startups.

Do I have to run some command on startup?

Does this askubuntu thread help?:

libinput is already installed on my system.

Is something like pressing a FN key on startup is possible?

Like having a command which would press the F6 key on startup?

I just found out this. But toggling the touchpad off is not working.

When I execute sudo xdotool key XF86TouchpadToggle the button in the “Mouse & Touchpad” in settings does not switch off.

You can try adding this indicator which comes with a toggle:

Also, there is a way to make it Auto Toggle:

This is just disabling the touchpad entirely. Not toggling it.

Enter KDE!:

Disclaimer on the page: NOT MAINTENAINED ANYMORE

Might be worth trying out for now, though.

Searching for an actual Toggle, I am not finding much for Gnome. I found some bash scripts that may work, but pretty sure you don’t want to go through that trouble without a reasonable guarantee it will do what you want it to do.